Dancemeditation with Dunya returns!

 We are pleased to welcome back Woods Hole native and resident Dunya Dianne McPherson, for an introductory Dancemeditation session on Tuesday morning, June 11th at 10:30 AM! Click here to register.

The session will begin with Dunya leading a period of relaxing, wordless instruction to focus participants attention followed by a few simple, rich moving meditations to sink down a couple of notches inside the self, touching Self. There will be time for participants to do their own exploratory intuitive movement, to digest and integrate meditative efforts. At the end, we will have time for questions and reflections. Please register by going to, or call 508-457-2555 x 7.

Dancemeditation helps us be present in our body in the moment and brings solace, stability, and magic. Without words, with beautiful music, with eyes open or closed, in a continual flow of breath awareness, we move through the crust of harried worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence. We turn away from the external and turn toward the internal. We turn toward awareness of breathing and motion and our body. Rather than working out, we work in.

A pioneer in embodied mysticism and Founder of Dancemeditation™, Dunya McPherson specializes in opening the wonderment of deep, subtle, peaceful self-perception. She is a Juilliard alumna, a Sufi master, a NY Times a critically acclaimed choreographer, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship recipient, Dunya is a practicing artist, academic educator, and presenter at healing arts centers worldwide including Kripalu. She is also the author of two books on dance as spiritual path. Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh and Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening. Learn more about Dunya on her website at

Welcome Hiveclass to FPL’s Online Resources

Hiveclass is an e-learning platform that features bite-sized, engaging videos that teach skills in various sports, physical activities and wellness exercises. The content is led and created by professionals and gives patrons access to practice in their own comfort zone.

Hiveclass is available via FPL’s online resources. Hiveclass provides fun, easy, and high-quality educational videos that walk patrons through improving their skills at field hockey, soccer, and other athletic activities. Along with physical education Hiveclass provides access to video walkthroughs on mindfulness and yoga.

The classes are available in both English and Spanish. It can be accessed on tablets, phones and computers! All you need is your library card number to start your adventure with Hiveclass!



7 Scientific Reasons to Meditate Now, a virtual event

This Zoom event will take place on Thursday, October 26th from 7-8 pm-it is generously shared with us by the Shrewsbury Public Library. Click here to register on their site! Please note that our library will be closed for the day at that time.

Join this virtual event with Manish Saggar, PhD and Assistant Professor in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, for a presentation of neuroscientific data on how regular meditation practices improve physical, mental, and emotional health. He will also discuss how happiness and harmony can be gained by focusing one’s attention during meditation.

Dr. Saggar directs the Brain Dynamics Lab at Stanford University, which is dedicated to developing computational methods for neuroimaging data to better understand individual differences in brain functioning. He received his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin and completed his postdoctoral training at Stanford. As part of his doctoral work, he developed computational methods to understand how brain activity changes with intensive meditation training.

Enjoy some virtual lectures from other Massachusetts libraries this month!

These are Zoom lectures put on by other libraries, who have shared the registration links with us, so our patrons can attend!

There are two at the same time on Tuesday night, August 1st at 7 pm:

White House By The Sea — A Century Of The Kennedys At Hyannis Port, offered by the Tewksbury Public Library-click here for more details and registration! You will also receive a link to the recording after the event.

“Author Kate Storey will discuss her brand new book, “White House by the Sea: A Century of the Kennedys at Hyannis Port,” in this ZOOM webinar. The book provides a sweeping history of an American dynasty that has left an indelible mark on our nation’s politics and culture.”

7 Scientific Reasons to Meditate Now, by the Shrewsbury Public Library-click here to register on their site!

“Join the Shrewsbury Public Library with Manish Saggar, PhD and Assistant Professor in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, for a virtual presentation of data from recent neuroscientific studies on how regular meditation practices improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. He will also discuss how, by focusing one’s attention during meditation, we can gain happiness and harmony.”

Later in the month, on Monday, August 28th at 7 pm:

An Evening with Bestselling Authors Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush, also from Tewksbury Library; click here for details and registration!

“Bestselling authors (and sisters!) Lisa Jackson and and Nancy Bush will discuss their latest books in this ZOOM webinar. Jackson will discuss The Last Sinner, a gripping novel of suspense featuring two veteran homicide detectives matching wits with a twisted serial killer lurking in the shadows of New Orleans. Bush will discuss The Camp, a chilling novel of suspense where a diabolical modern twist on Friday the 13th meets Yellowjackets at a summer sleepaway camp isolated in the woods of Oregon.”



Wellness Classes with The Yoga Collaborative

In February our wellness sampler classes are with instructors from The Yoga Collaborative. Each class operates independently: feel free to register for one or all of them.

Tuesday February 7, 11am-12pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Qigong, with Andrew. Register

Qigong, like yoga, is an ancient mind body practice that utilizes breath, gentle movement, and awareness to create a more harmonious connection between mind, body, and spirit. Qigong is easy to learn and offers benefits like less stress and more energy. Join Andrew for this hour long class. The first 40 minutes will be spent practicing Qigong, then Andrew will lead your through a guided meditation followed by deep relaxation.

This class is appropriate for those brand new to Qigong as well as experienced folks. Patrons who enjoy gentle yoga will appreciate what Qigong offers. Please dress for exercise and bring a yoga mat.

Tuesday February 14, 11am-12pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Deep Stretch and Relax, with Niisa. Register.

Target chronically tight areas of the body with deep stretches that help relax the body and the mind; then move thru a slow flow of standing and balance poses that help bring fluidity and space to those same areas. The class ends with restorative poses that will leave you feeling more calm and grounded. 

All levels welcome. Please dress for exercise and bring a yoga mat.

Tuesday February 21, 11am-12pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Gentle Flow, with Jane. Register.

This class will provide yogis of all levels the opportunity to explore the connection between breath, movement and meditation. Variations and modifications will be provided so that each person can practice in a way that best fits their body.  

All levels welcome. Please dress for exercise and bring a yoga mat.

Tuesday February 28, 11am-12pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Vinyasa, with Ray. Register.

Join Ray as she guides you through a slow to moderate alignment focused Vinyasa flow that weaves in pranayama and meditation. Using the technology of Yoga, we can cultivate a deeper sense of awareness into our own self and practice. Modifications will be offered; this class is appropriate for all levels.

All levels welcome. Please dress for exercise and bring a yoga mat.

This class series is funded by the Board of Library Trustees.


Wellness Classes with A Place to Breathe

In January our wellness sampler classes are with instructors from A Place To Breathe. Each class operates independently: feel free to register for one or all of them.

Thursday January 5, 11am-12pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: GraceYoga, with Betsy Hopkins West. Register.

GraceYoga is a practice that moves slowly and deliberately through yoga poses to enhance strength and flexibility. The class is capped at 20. Betsy has been practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching for one, and is a wonderful supporter of A Place to Breathe.

Monday January 9, 2-3pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Praying with the Body, with Saramaria Allenby. Register.

Praying with the Body combines optional movement with mindfulness and breathing. Class is capped at 20. Saramaria has been providing this practice in person and online for over four years and is a contributing board member of A Place to Breathe. 

Monday January 23, 2-3pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Qigong, with Paula Reardon Webster. Register.

Qigong combines body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and general well-being. Class is capped at 20. Paula Reardon Webster teaches Qigong and is a contributing board member of A Place to Breathe.

Monday January 30, 2-3pm, in the Hermann Meeting Room: Break Thru Breathing with Deb Harrington. Register.

Break Thru Breathing incorporates karate and simple self defense moves with current breathing techniques. The goal is to bring a sense of calm while working the “issues out of your tissues” and develop muscle memory. Class is capped at 20. Deb is the founder and Executive Director of A Place to Breathe as well as a women’s self defense instructor. 

A Place to Breathe is a registered nonprofit whose mission is to provide caregivers and professionals with a place for respite, tools for self-maintenance, and supportive programs to build resilience, maintain well-being, and continue on the path of helping those with life-challenging illness.

The wellness sampler program is sponsored by the Trustees of the Falmouth Public Library.

Therapeutic Qi Gong Class

Join us in the Hermann Meeting Room from 11am-12pm on Tuesdays, November 1, 8, 15, and 22 for a short series of classes to sample Therapeutic Qi Gong with Alexandra Lancaster. Please register for these free classes, as space is limited. For this series, register once for all four classes, as the classes will build on each other. If you cannot attend all four classes, please leave the space for someone who can.
Therapeutic Qi Gong consists of 36 repeated movements that target the muscles and joints of the body from head to toe.  The movements are done slowly and gently and incorporate deep breathing to help you focus on yourself during this time, making this routine a meditative one in addition to its stretching, coordination and balance challenges. This series of movements can be learned, allowing you to do it on your own in sections or in its entirety.  It all takes place while standing, although the assistance of a chair or a wall is allowed :-).  
Alexandra Lancaster learned Therapeutic Qi Gong ten years ago by taking an in-person course off-Cape, and she continues to be re-certified every few years.  Although these movements are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and channel the energy along the meridians, this course will concentrate only on the physical movements and the focusing of the mind. No mat is needed, but comfortable clothing is. Socks are encouraged; shoes that are flat and not too supportive are ok; athletic sneakers, of course, are fine if you need them.
This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Chair Yoga with Janet in May!

Join us for Chair Yoga with Janet on Thursdays, May 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th from 11am-12pm in the library’s Hermann meeting room!  Chair Yoga with Janet is free and is sponsored by the Trustees of the Falmouth Public Library.  Registration is required for each class and each class is limited to 25 participants.  Use the links below to register for the classes that you would like to attend. 
May 5th: Register.
May 12th: Register.
May 19th: Register.
May 26th: Register
Chair-supported yoga is a complete practice of seated and standing poses, stretches, and a final relaxation. It is appropriate for everyone, regardless of age, experience, or level of fitness. We’ll focus on improving flexibility, strength, breathing, and balance in a calm, supportive atmosphere–all with no need to get on and off the floor. All poses and breath exercises will be done either seated in a chair or standing, with the option of using the chair for just a bit of extra support.
Janet Gardner is a 500-hour graduate of the Kind Yoga School in Centerville and is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher.  Janet has a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with everyone. She has been practicing yoga for four decades and teaching yoga and meditation in Falmouth since 2016.

Meditation: one way to increase well-being and combat stress

If you have consumed any news or popular media at all in the past few years, you have probably heard that meditation is good for you-it reduces stress, and improves mental concentration and clarity.  In fact, it’s highly recommended by many types of professionals, including doctors and psychologists. And in stressful or anxious times, it could be even more vital. However, knowing that and doing it can be two different things-it can be challenging to get started! Here are some great sources you can access online.

First, you can access many meditation eBooks and audiobooks through Overdrive, that you can read on your computer or tablet, or listen to on your tablet or phone. Download the Libby app for most devices, or go to to use your desktop or laptop. Call or email us if you need any assistance, or don’t have your card or pin #! If you don’t have a card at this time, you can get a free, temporary CLAMS eCard here. Be sure to look for the eBook or audiobook designation underneath the title to be sure you get the format you prefer! And, you can search the CLAMS catalog for ebooks as well, and then go to the Libby app or the Overdrive page to actually get them!

Here are some great ones available through Overdrive, found by doing a “Meditation” search on the page:

How to Meditate: a practical guide to making friends with your mind by Pema Chodron (CLAMS catalog link )

Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris (CLAMS catalog)

Wherever You Go, There You Are: mindfulness meditation in everyday life by Jon Kabat-Zinn. (CLAMS catalog for audiobook)

Guided Meditations for Children: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, and Mo by Michelle Robertson-Jones Niall. (CLAMS catalog for audiobook)

Issues of Yoga Journal magazine, available through Overdrive! (CLAMS catalog entry)

Another library resource for eBooks, if you have any Falmouth-issued library card, is our Hoopla platform, which you can read about here.

Dr. Sang H. Kim, who has given workshops at the library on Mindful Movement and Meditation (and will be giving more here as soon as it is possible), has some sites to review techniques taught in his workshops: and

Also, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download some of these popular apps: Headspace, Calm, or 10% Happier. A staff member let us know that the 10% Happier website offers live stream free guided meditations at 3 PM Eastern time, but you can check out their site 24/7 for all sorts of helpful meditations:

This article in Women’s Health magazine describes some apps they like in detail here.  Some are free, some have a subscription rate, and some offer both a free basic service and paid additional features. 

We wish you some enjoyment and peace of mind-let us know how you like any of these suggestions, if you try them, or if you have any others to recommend!