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Library Card Eligibility and Privileges

The Falmouth Public Library issues library cards free of charge. Children under age 12 may apply for a Children’s card with the signature of a parent or guardian in good standing. Library cards may also be issued to other categories of borrowers such as the homebound, teachers, local institutions, or out of state residents.

Library Card Responsibilities

FPL borrowers assume responsibility for the care and safekeeping of all materials borrowed on their cards. The card owner in whose name the card is issued assumes responsibility for settling any and all fines, damages, losses, or other assessments incurred by the use of their cards.

Card owners are asked to report changes in names, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers to the Library as soon as possible, so that the Library’s borrower records can be kept up to date. Card owners should also report lost, stolen, or damaged cards to the Library as soon as possible.

The Library encourages borrowers to use their own library cards exclusively and not to lend them for use by other persons. Under no circumstances should a patron use another patron’s library card to avoid paying any fines or fees assessed against his/her own card.

A newly registered borrower is allowed to check out six items on the first day. Museum passes and laptops are available for use on the second day of membership.

Borrower Registration Requirements/ Resident Card

Three year expiration

All applicants are asked to present a valid Massachusetts identification. Any of the following IDs are acceptable:

  • Massachusetts Driver’s License
  • Massachusetts Registry’s Picture ID
  • Massachusetts Transitional Assistance (EBT) ID

Or applicants may present the following with a valid photo ID:

  • Deed Falmouth/Massachusetts
  • Listing on Falmouth’s Property Owner’s Tax List,
  • Listing on Falmouth’s Street List
  • Massachusetts lease agreement for one year or more
  • Massachusetts Car Registration
  • Massachusetts Medicare or Medicaid Card
  • Utility Bill with local address
  • Checkbook with street address
  • Mail showing address that patron will be or has been living at for six months or more Employment ID
  • Unexpired charge cards with photo ID may be shown if presented with a form of Massachusetts ID

Applicants ages 12 through 17 not accompanied by an adult may show one form of identification such as a report card, class schedule, or other school ID.

Courtesy Cards

Non Resident / six month expiration

Applicants visiting for more than two weeks and for less than six months may qualify for a Courtesy Card. Patrons with Courtesy Cards may check out up to six (6) items. To obtain a Courtesy Card, the applicant must provide a photo ID and a listing of the patron’s legal address. Courtesy cards expire in six months and may be renewed.

  • Acceptable forms of photo identification:
  • International Student ID card
  • Valid State Driver’s License or State Picture ID
  • Current School Picture ID
  • Current Employment Picture ID Card
  • Valid Passport Identification

Full borrowing privileges (50 item limit) will be extended to a patron if their local address can be verified by one or more of the following:

  • Checkbook with street address
  • Lease agreement
  • Mail that is postmarked
  • Employment identification or verification.
  • MBL/WHOI/USGS/SEA/Falmouth Hospital ID/CLOC-Highfield/Cape Cod Conservatory/Woods Hole Research Center (or other local agencies at the director’s discretion) and their families.
  • Military ID for active duty personnel, a spouse and/or dependent of personnel attached to or living on a U.S. Military site in Massachusetts.

Short Term Visitors: Non-Resident

Library cards are even available for short term visitors to the Cape.  Visitors are also welcome to use our free WIFI. (It is an open network, no password needed.) Library desktop computers are accessible with a free Visitor’s Day Pass. Used books are for sale in the Lower Lobby “Book Nook,” and free paperback books are offered during the summer season in The Beach Basket located in the main adult stacks.

Group Housing Category

Item Limit: 6

Local group facilities providing temporary housing or assistance.

Back up address  from Massachusetts license, health card, verification from counselor, etc. must also be provided.

Teacher Cards

Persons teaching at public, private or home based schools within Massachusetts are eligible for a “Teacher Card” to be used for curriculum-related materials. Materials checked out on this type of card may be lent out for 28 days.

Children’s Cards

A parent or legal guardian who is a library card holder in good standing will be asked to sign the registration form for his/her child under the age of 12. By co-signing, the parent or legal guardian accepts responsibility for settling fines, damages, losses, or other assessments against the library card of his/her child.

Parental Access to Children’s Records: Parents of children under 12 years of age may ask for and obtain titles of materials that their children have checked out.

Parental Access to YA Records:
Records of cardholders, age 12 through 17, are confidential, as are adult records. A duplicate list of items charged out may be mailed to the patron’s address. If there is an outstanding balance for materials not returned to the Library after 30 days, billing information may be released when a parent or guardian is paying for the lost item/s. The following statement is included on the registration form: In the event that I incur charges over $5.00, I give permission for my parents or guardians to have access to my library account for the purpose of paying the debt.

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