Strategic Plan


Falmouth Public Library

July 2017 – June 2021

Inspired by what was learned through a dialogue with the community, the Falmouth Public Library has developed a five-year strategic plan based on community aspirations for the Library as discovered through surveys, focus groups and community conversations.


The Falmouth Public Library – where inspiration, imagination, innovation and discovery come together enriching lives and creating a vibrant and informed community


The Falmouth Public Library engages and empowers the community through its programs, services and its collections that inform, educate and entertain.



The Library serves the public by acting with integrity, delivering exceptional services and earning the public trust as a responsible steward of its resources

Adapt and Innovate

The Library is an adaptive organization that believes that leadership, innovation and learning, and investing in the staff, technology and infrastructure will improve service to the community.

Promote Literacy and Love of Reading

The Library recognizes the importance of supporting reading to create a community of lifelong readers and learners.

Foster a Healthy Democracy

The Library is committed to building an informed community by providing the opportunity for people to meet, to exchange ideas and participate in discussions.

Support Intellectual Freedom

The Library enables community members to access constitutionally protected information.

Educate and Connect

The Library inspires lifelong learning and the sharing of knowledge through a variety of activities that encourages the exploration of ideas.

Falmouth Strategic Plan FY 2017