Borrowing Information

May I renew books?
Most items can be renewed three times if no one is waiting for them. The renewal period is the same length as the original loan period.  Material may be renewed in person, by phone or online using the My Account feature. Note: Interlibrary Loans and Commonwealth Catalog items may not be renewed.

Where may I return items I borrow?
Items may be returned to any Falmouth Public Library location or any other CLAMS library. The bookdrops are open at all times. When possible, it is requested that items be brought to the service desks during open hours. This prevents wear and tear to the library’s materials. Items from any CLAMS library may be returned through Falmouth Public Library.

What may I borrow, and is there a limit to the number of items I may borrow?
Books, audiotapes, videotapes, DVDs, compact discs and magazines may all be borrowed. The most current issue of a magazine title may not be borrowed until the next issue becomes available. The limit to the number of items borrowed is fifty.

What forms of payment does the Library accept?
The Library accepts cash or checks. We cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Vacation Loans
If you know you will need items for an extended period, ask a librarian for a vacation loan. Note: Vacation loans are not available on items with holds or on Interlibrary Loans.