Dancemeditation with Dunya returns!

 We are pleased to welcome back Woods Hole native and resident Dunya Dianne McPherson, for an introductory Dancemeditation session on Tuesday morning, June 11th at 10:30 AM! Click here to register.

The session will begin with Dunya leading a period of relaxing, wordless instruction to focus participants attention followed by a few simple, rich moving meditations to sink down a couple of notches inside the self, touching Self. There will be time for participants to do their own exploratory intuitive movement, to digest and integrate meditative efforts. At the end, we will have time for questions and reflections. Please register by going to, or call 508-457-2555 x 7.

Dancemeditation helps us be present in our body in the moment and brings solace, stability, and magic. Without words, with beautiful music, with eyes open or closed, in a continual flow of breath awareness, we move through the crust of harried worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence. We turn away from the external and turn toward the internal. We turn toward awareness of breathing and motion and our body. Rather than working out, we work in.

A pioneer in embodied mysticism and Founder of Dancemeditation™, Dunya McPherson specializes in opening the wonderment of deep, subtle, peaceful self-perception. She is a Juilliard alumna, a Sufi master, a NY Times a critically acclaimed choreographer, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship recipient, Dunya is a practicing artist, academic educator, and presenter at healing arts centers worldwide including Kripalu. She is also the author of two books on dance as spiritual path. Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh and Sojourn the Inner Heaven: Movement Meditations for Awakening. Learn more about Dunya on her website at

Check out these great Zoom talks in May!

We have some great Zoom talks in May, some from the Library Speakers Consortium (funded by the Library Support Fund)! Click the links after for details and registration. These are virtual only, and do not take place at the library.

Wednesday, May 1st at 3 pm: Genius, Power and Deception on the Eve of World War I. Join a chat with Douglas Brunt, author of The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel: Genius, Power, and Deception on the Eve of World War I. This book reveals the hidden history of Rudolf Diesel, one of the world’s greatest inventors, and his mysterious disappearance on the eve of World War I. Click here for more details, and to register! 

Wednesday, May 8th at 7 pm-two different Zooms! (If you are interested in both, register-at least one of them will probably be recorded, and you can listen later)

Mother-Daughter Murder Night: You’re invited to join Nina Simon online as she chats about her lighthearted whodunnit about a grandmother-mother-daughter trio of amateur sleuths, Mother-Daughter Murder Night. Click here to register.

Romance Book Recs and Conversation: Welcome to Romance Book Recs and Conversation with Lorelai of Lorelai’s Lit Lair! If you know romance, you probably know Lorelei! Affectionately referred to as a passionate Romance Ambassador, Lorelei has been offering book recommendations, author spotlights, giveaways and connecting authors with readers through social media since 2010. Click here to register.

Tuesday, May 21st at 7 pm: Author of Yellowface, Rebecca F. Kuang! We welcome you to register for a thrilling conversation  as she chats with us about her New York Times bestselling novel. Yellowface grapples with questions of diversity, racism, and cultural appropriation, as well as the terrifying alienation of social media. Click here to register! 

Thursday, May 23rd at 5:30 pm: Avoiding Election Misinformation. Join this virtual Cape-wide community discussion with the News Literacy Project and WCAI’s The Point host Mindy Todd to learn how to access trustworthy news and avoid election misinformation traps. Learn tried and true news literacy techniques that anyone can learn to find credible information about candidates, issues, and electoral processes. Click here to register.

Thursday, May 23rd at 7 pm: The Environmental and Health Benefits of a Plant-based Diet.

With Sara Sezun,Chair of the Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter Plant-based Planet Team. Animal food production, which encompasses raising livestock for meat, dairy products and eggs, as well as commercial fishing, has serious environmental impacts. You will learn how animal food production results in greenhouse gases and pollution, while using lots of land and water. Eating a healthy plant-based diet can lower your environmental footprint, while improving your health.  Click here to register. 





Special Zoom talk, Productive Conversations Without Confrontation

When was the last time you had a conversation about current events with someone who holds an opposing view? If that experience left you feeling frustrated and shut down, join this virtual Cape-wide discussion with the News Literacy Project (click here for their site) to learn tools for speaking about current events and listening across divides. The discussion will take place Online via Zoom on Thursday April 25 at 5:30pm-click here to register. Please note that the library will be closed and you are expected to join the Zoom from your home.

In today’s divided political climate it can feel impossible to hold civil conversations about current events – especially when misinformation and conspiracy theories abound. However, learning a few news literacy skills can help you keep conversations grounded in fact while maintaining the civility that is essential in a thriving democracy. About the News Literacy Project:

The News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan education nonprofit, is building a national movement to advance the practice of news literacy throughout American society, creating better informed, more engaged and more empowered individuals—and ultimately a stronger democracy.

Zoom talks this April!

We are fortunate to have many exciting Zoom talks in April! Please note that these talks are virtual only, and will not take place in the library (some talks may be recorded, and you can view the recording later by registering). Click the links for details and to register.

From the Library Speakers’ Consortium, we have three great author talks! These talks are funded for us by the Library Support Fund.  Click here for a more detailed list of their upcoming talks! 

Last week was Paula Johnson, author of  “Smithsonian American Table: The Foods, People, and Innovations That Feed Us.“-you can view the talk now by clicking here!
Tuesday, April 9th, 1-2 pm, authors of American Mother
Wednesday, April 17th, 7-8 pm, Xochitl Gonzalez, author of Anita de Monte Laughs Last

Also, we have these talks, generously shared by other Massachusetts libraries, and sponsored for us by the Library Board of Trustees

April 16th, 1-2 pm, A Brief History of the Coast Guard with Captain Greg Ketchen (also part of our Falmouth Reads Together series) , click here to register.

April 24th,  7-8 pm, Author of Find More Birds: 111 Surprising Ways to Spot Birds Wherever You Are, click here to register!


Live Music with Guitarist Gladius

We are excited to welcome Gladius for a live performance in the Hermann Room on Saturday afternoon, April 27th from 3-4 pm.  Registration is needed, as space is limited-click here to register!

Atlanta native Gladius is an award-winning composer and accomplished “classical/flamenco style guitarist”. Inspired by the great composers, Spanish guitar maestros and much more, this musical mad scientist fuses the elements into a refreshing formula, evoking the Spanish spirit! Another reviewer mentioned Carlos Santana and Eddie Van Halen.

He has shared the bill with Grammy winners and mesmerized audiences with his electrifying live act since 2016!

Becoming Gwinnett County Georgia’s first ever recipient of the Gwinnett Superstar award in 2022, and releasing the infectiously catchy Air to critical acclaim in 2023, Gladius shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Check out his website at to learn more, and hear some of his music! Register to attend on our online calendar, at!

We thank the Library Support Fun for sponsoring this concert.

Joy of Learning, April 2024!

Come join us in  April for our ever-popular “Joy of Learning” series! We have offered Joy of Learning classes for many years, in April and October. They are taught by educators and other experts on a volunteer basis, for adults and for teens at a high school/college learning level.  

Come learn something new and have fun!  This program is free, sponsored by the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library.

This April, we have four classes:

Estate Planning Essentials with Jeff Oppenheim and Geoff Nickerson, 2 Mondays, 4/1 and 4/8, 3-4:30 pm

The Pathway for New Drug Approval in the U.S.  with Mary Taylor Burtis 3 Wednesdays, 4/4, 4/11 and 4/18, 4-5 pm (lectures will be recorded for later viewing)

Aspects of Ocean Biography with Charles Lea, 4 Thursdays 4/4, 4/11, 4/18 and 4/25, 11 am – noon

Poetry of Robert Frost with Jack Easterling, 1 Wednesday and 3 Tuesdays, 4/10, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30, 2 – 3 PM (class size limited to 15) THIS IS NOW FULL WITH A WAITLIST.

Scroll down for description and registration for each class!

Estate Planning Essentials with Jeff Oppenheim and Geoff Nickerson, 2 Mondays, 4/1 and 4/8, 3-4:30 pm, click here to register!

The first week will focus on estate planning. Participants will learn why an estate plan is important, elements of a good plan. Topics covered will include Health Care Proxies/ MOLST elections/Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney for Estate Planning Purposes, Health care proxies/MOLST elections,/living wills and Mass Homestead Exemption (basic or statutory, elderly or disabled homestead and homestead for property held in trust).

The second week will focus on trusts. What a Trust is, and is not, including necessary elements for the creation of trusts. We will explain how trusts can be useful, and their limitations – specifically in terms of liability protection, asset protection, and, as how trusts relate to MassHealth considerations.  We will differentiate between some different types of trusts- irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts, family trusts, marital trusts, and real estate trusts.  The presentation will include a brief review of some of the highlights of the 2023 Massachusetts Estate Tax law changes and what the changes mean for families and individuals as they consider their estates and the best avenues for passing their estates on to the next generations. 

Jeff Oppenheim has been an attorney in Falmouth since 1979. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College and Suffolk University Law School.  In 2010 Oppenheim and Nickerson LLP was formed with his partner Geoff Nickerson. Their law practice focuses on Estate Planning and Administration, Real Estate and Business Law.  The firm also represents a number of local non-profits. Attorney Oppenheim has been appointed by the Barnstable Probate Court to act as an Estate Administrator, Trustee, Guardian, Conservator and Conciliator. Geoff Nickerson is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Villanova University School of Law.  His primary areas of practice include transactional real estate, business advising, and estate planning and administration. Geoff is active in the Falmouth community, having served as past Chair of the Board of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, past President of the Falmouth Road Race.   Geoff presently serves as the Vice President of the Falmouth Scholarship Association. 

The Pathway for New Drug Approval in the U.S.  with Mary Taylor Burtis 3 Wednesdays, 4/4, 4/11 and 4/18, 4-5 pm (lectures will be recorded for later viewing), click here to register!

Mary Taylor Burtis, who has over 40 years of experience in this industry, will teach about how a drug is approved in the US and what information is publicly available regarding the FDA approval process. You will learn about the general clinical and nonclinical testing a drug must undergo before approval, what is on a drug label and how to get access to the label information. Other topics will be the length of time it takes (on average) to develop and get FDA approval of a new drug, the average cost of developing a new drug and how a company determines the price of a new drug. You will learn publicly available resources for learning about a drug’s safety profile.

Mary has over 40 years of experience, and is also an educator. She is an ex-US FDA Consumer Safety Officer with a long history of success providing regulatory and quality strategy for development of biotherapeutics. She has worked with US and international regulatory authorities, obtaining drug approvals with a focus on practical regulatory, quality, and compliance solutions. She is eager to teach interested people in the community about this topic!

Aspects of Ocean Biology with Chuck Lea, 4 Thursdays 4/4, 4/11, 4/18 and 4/25, 11 am – noon, click here to register!

This is a Falmouth Reads Together event for our 2024 book pick, The Finest Hours!

 Week 1) Changes with Depth. How do the bodies of fish and squid change as they live deeper in the ocean, what drives these changes? 

 Week 2) Growing the Ocean’s Gardens. What kind of plants grow in the open ocean, what processes shape the creation of the start of the food chains and how does productivity vary across the wide ocean realm?

Week 3) Oceanic Ecosystems. As humans, we can spot big differences in terrestrial biota (forest, plains deserts etc.) but where are the big differences in the ocean world and what maintains these patterns?

Week 4) Changes in the Ocean Realm- There are likely to be changes on the way for ocean ecosystems as we press forward into the future. Increased ocean temperature and acidification as well as pollution and fishing may shape the future ocean. Do we know what’s going on or are humans just blundering on?

Chuck has a master’s degree and PhD in Oceanography from Texas A&M University, and studied the distribution of deep-sea squid for those degrees. He taught Oceanography at the Sea Education Association for 34 years. Chuck lives in Falmouth with his wife, two sons, a dog and a cat.

Poetry of Robert Frost with Jack Easterling, 1 Wednesday and 3 Tuesdays, 4/10, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30, 2 – 3 PM (class size limited to 15), click here to register! THIS IS NOW FULL WITH A WAITLIST.

Robert Frost has probably been the most widely read poet of the last century-by both scholarly and common readers. In this course we shall read, read aloud, examine and discuss the wide range of Frost’s poems-some well-known, some not, but all thoughtful and moving. These will mostly be chosen by the teacher, but some by individuals in the class. Collections of Robert Frost’s poetry will be available for pickup at the Reference Desk. Class size is limited to 15, so please only register if you are able to attend all four classes. THIS IS NOW FULL WITH A WAITLIST.

Jack Easterling was a veteran English teacher for more than 40 years, and an academic director at the Emma Willard School. He also co-wrote a book on writing.  



Zoom talks happening in March!

We are fortunate to have many exciting Zoom talks in March! Please note that these talks are virtual only, and will not take place in the library (some talks may be recorded, and you can view the recording later by registering). Click the links for details and to register.

From the Library Speakers’ Consortium, we have three great author talks! These talks are funded for us by the Library Support Fund.  Click here for a more detailed list of their upcoming talks! 

Wednesday, March 6th, 4-5 pm, “The Power of Friendships with NPR Legal Affairs Correspondent Nina Totenberg
Thursday, March 14th, 4-5 pm, Christopher Paolini, author of teen Eragon series and more!
Thursday, March 21st, 7-8 pm, Madeline Miller, author of Circe and more! 

Also, we have these talks, generously shared by other Massachusetts libraries, and sponsored for us by the Library Board of Trustees

March 5th, 7-8 pm, New England Lighthouses and the People who Kept Them (also part of our Falmouth Reads Together series) and also The Real Score: Unraveling Myths About Trans People in Sports

March 13th, 7-8 pm, Author of The Girls, from Gilmore to Golden


Useful Gadgets for Seniors, Neighborhood Falmouth

Neighborhood Falmouth and the Falmouth Public Library are jointly offering this program on Wednesday, February 28th from 1:30-3:30 pm!  Zack Gaumond, Store Manager at Eastman’s Hardware will demonstrate many useful gadgets that make life easier for seniors.  Mr. Gaumond presented a similar program for Neighborhood Falmouth several years ago, that was received with great enthusiasm.  Thom Reilly, Customer Support Specialist at West Gate Home Medical Equipment is sending examples of several other useful gadgets for seniors. 

If you are planning to attend this event, please register by clicking here, as space is limited. 

February Zoom talks from the Library Speakers’ Consortium!

This great series continues, with more authors in February! Each month will have at least three live virtual events that you can attend remotely from the comfort of your home – and if you have a time conflict, they are recorded for later to be watched at your leisure. Click here for upcoming talks, and click on the links below to register!

Spice, Spirit, and Swoon–A Guaranteed Happily Ever After with Rom-Com Author Tessa Bailey
#1 New York Times bestselling author of It Happened One Summer and Hook, Line, and Sinker
Thursday, February 8th at 8:00 PM EST
See More and Register

Exploring Identity, Love, and Being Black in America in Fiction Writing: A Conversation with Award-Winning Author Jason Mott
New York Times Bestselling Author and National Book Award Winner
Tuesday, February 20th at 4:00 PM EST
See More and Register

Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity: An Author Talk with Kim Scott
New York Times Bestselling Author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity and Radical Respect: How to Work Together Better
Wednesday, February 28th at 2:00 PM EST
See More and Register

This series is funded by the Library Support Fund.

Live music with the Modernistics Trio!

We are excited to welcome the Modernistics Trio (Ted Powers, vocals, tap-dance, and guitar, Peter H. Bloom, flute; and Dave Zox on double-bass) to the Falmouth Public Library for a concert in the Hermann Room on Thursday, February 29th at 2 pm! Please register by clicking here to reserve your spot! We thank the Trustees of the Falmouth Public Library for sponsoring this concert.

Called “absolutely joyous, virtuosic and wonderful” (Concerts at the Crane), The Modernistics Trio will perform a festive show called “The Twenties Roar Again”– swinging songs, tap-dance numbers, and jazz instrumentals by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and other master tunesmiths of the 1920s.  An exuberant and stylish portrait of the era, delivered with a 21st-century groove!  Among the many audience favorites are Blue Skies, Fascinating Rhythm, Let’s Misbehave, It Had to Be You, and Ellington’s Black and Tan Fantasy. Click here for their website, to learn more about them!

Ted Powers, vocals, tap-dance, guitar, ukulele, and harmonica, has been entertaining audiences in the U.S. and abroad for over 30 years.  His career in jazz, blues and pop includes several years as a solo performer in the south of France and tap dancing in the U.S. with Jimmy “Sir Slyde” Mitchell.  Ted has performed with Billy Novick, Ray Santisi, and other notables. Acclaimed for his wide-ranging artistry and his mastery of the Great American Songbook, he performs extensively as a soloist, and with large and small ensembles across the Northeast.

Flutist Peter H. Bloom, praised for “exquisite melody” (JazzImprov) and “infectious brio” (The New York City Jazz Record), has performed in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and is featured on 48 CDs. He has shared the stage with Sheila Jordan, Charles Neville, Jimmy Giuffre, Ricky Ford, Geri Allen, Jaki Byard, and other jazz legends, and is a veteran of the famed Aardvark Jazz Orchestra (51st season).  Bloom’s latest CD, Exuberant Ellingtonia, has been hailed as “a treasure trove” (Textura Magazine, Ontario).  His playing has been called “wonderfully smoky and mysterious” (EarRelevant), “brightly gorgeous” (Gapplegate Music Review), and “a revelation for unforced sweetness and strength” (The Boston Globe).

Bassist Dave Zox has performed with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Artie Shaw Band, Herb Reed and the Platters, Phil Woods, John Abercrombie, Kenny Werner, Garrison Fewell, and other illustrious artists. Dave played for many years with Boston’s legendary Al Vega Trio and with pianist Harvey Diamond.  He serves on the faculties of Northeastern University, Phillips Academy in Andover, and the Ipswich Public Schools.