Therapeutic Qi Gong Class

Join us in the Hermann Meeting Room from 11am-12pm on Tuesdays, November 1, 8, 15, and 22 for a short series of classes to sample Therapeutic Qi Gong with Alexandra Lancaster. Please register for these free classes, as space is limited. For this series, register once for all four classes, as the classes will build on each other. If you cannot attend all four classes, please leave the space for someone who can.
Therapeutic Qi Gong consists of 36 repeated movements that target the muscles and joints of the body from head to toe.  The movements are done slowly and gently and incorporate deep breathing to help you focus on yourself during this time, making this routine a meditative one in addition to its stretching, coordination and balance challenges. This series of movements can be learned, allowing you to do it on your own in sections or in its entirety.  It all takes place while standing, although the assistance of a chair or a wall is allowed :-).  
Alexandra Lancaster learned Therapeutic Qi Gong ten years ago by taking an in-person course off-Cape, and she continues to be re-certified every few years.  Although these movements are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and channel the energy along the meridians, this course will concentrate only on the physical movements and the focusing of the mind. No mat is needed, but comfortable clothing is. Socks are encouraged; shoes that are flat and not too supportive are ok; athletic sneakers, of course, are fine if you need them.
This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

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