Art Exhibit: Paintings by Gary Boehk

The Falmouth Public Library invites you to visit a new exhibit of paintings in the Adult room of the library. The paintings are on display now and will continue to be on view through the month of November.

Gary Boehk is primarily a plein air and representational painter with decades of experience painting landscapes on site in Cape Cod, Florida, and France. However, during his career Gary’s abstract painting has been an important tool for exploration into different approaches to painting. The progression into abstract can be seen in Gary’s representational works, especially plein air in Provence, France where shapes are perceived as less defined. (see

Abstract painting is a focus on color, shape and the interaction on the canvas. It enlivens creativity and it brings playful feelings and directions into the paint. The process is guided by a more subtle playful voice that resides deeper in the awareness, a voice not constrained by the conventions of representational paintings. Gary would characterize his abstract painting style as Gestural or Action where the painting is an expression of motion and it works best when the paint on the canvas stays open or wet so that the interaction can be fluid until the painting is finished and dry. 

Gary is delighted to be showing these paintings at the Library; it is the first time many of them have ever been seen.

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