Friday Reads: How to Window Box

“Friday Reads” is a weekly (almost) blog written by reference librarian Faith Lee about great books, magazines, and the occasional reference work.    Topics may be new titles added to the library, selections from the Staff Picks shelf or about something she recently read.  Admittedly, there is a definite slant toward nonfiction, because, well, she’s a reference librarian and likes to learn new things.  Guest bloggers take a turn sometimes too.  No matter the source, good reads are featured here.  

This week’s blog is written by Reference Librarian, Donna Burgess, who loves to garden.

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How to Window Box: small-space plants to grow indoors or out by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

This delightful book has 16 chapters, each devoted to a different topic ranging from Sunny Succulents to Edible Petals, Salad Bar, Herb Garden and even a Detox Box!  Whether you are planning on an indoor or outdoor box, this little gem has ideas for you.

The combinations of plants and color schemes are delightful including my favorite combination, orange and purple.

Each section has a “plant with personality” hint such as painting your box an aubergine color to make the citrus colored plants “pop!”

Clear instructions with plenty of demonstrated techniques are often followed by a TIP. Individual photos of each plant include both the Latin name and the common one.

If you missed the fall planting time for Spring bulbs, no worries, the authors suggest planting your box with Nursery purchased plants.

A catchy little inset: When in Rome explains that “window-box gardening may seem like a new idea the trend has been flourishing since ancient Rome. Back then, sills overflowed with medicinal herbs and ornamental flowers so much so that the philosopher Pliny the Elder wrote, “Every day the eyes might feast on this copy of a garden, as though it were a work of nature.”

The Beach dune chapter seems very appropriate for Cape Cod window boxes. Inspired by the urban meadow High Line in New York, the suggested plants include fairy lily, blue fescue, purple fountain grass, interspersed with small stones or bark mulch you can create dramatic colors and irresistible textures.

Another hint: Create small vase holders in your box to add color while waiting for your plants to bloom.  See page 126 for detailed instructions.

How to Window Box is in high-demand now, so put your name on the wait list.  When it does come back to rest on our shelves, it will be in the NEW nonfiction area with call #635.9678.




Welcome Melinda!

Katharine Lee Bates’s “America the Beautiful” resonates for many as the most patriotic and beloved American anthem. But poet, scholar, social activist, and Wellesley College professor, Katharine Lee Bates also loved to travel, thanks to her childhood in Falmouth. Her journeys from Cape Cod, to Wellesley, Oxford, Chicago, Colorado, Spain and Egypt, played big roles in influencing her writing of “America the Beautiful.”

Join us for a talk with author Melinda Ponder as she speaks about her new book “Katharine Lee Bates: from sea to shining sea” and Katharine Lee Bates on her travels on Saturday, April 7 at 3:00 pm.

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Event Information:

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018

Time: 3:00 -4:00 pm

Location: Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main Street, Hermann Meeting Room

No registration needed. Register on our registration page to receive a reminder email.

Melinda Ponder is also the author of Hawthorne and Women: Engendering and Expanding the Hawthorne Tradition and Hawthorne’s Early Narrative Art. Melinda Ponder first became intrigued with Katharine Lee Bates’ story when she attended Wellesley College and studied English— in the same English Department that Katharine Lee Bates established at the school decades earlier. She continued her academic career as a published literary critic with an M.A. in American Studies and a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Boston College. Currently, she is a Professor Emerita of English at Pine Manor College. Her essays and articles on Nathaniel Hawthorne and other American and British authors have appeared in Genre, The Chicago Tribune, The Essex Institute Historical Collections, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review. Having grown up in Indiana, she now lives in Cambridge, MA.


“How I loved this splendid biography! Melinda Ponder brings Katharine Lee Bates to life as never before. And what a fascinating, remarkable woman she was—so much more important in the history and literature of our country than I had realized.”
~Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize historian

“Finally, a full portrait of the wise and witty woman who wrote the words that best express our love for America. Melinda Ponder’s rich narrative is a timely reminder that intellect, integrity, and a rigorous respect for truth are the real pillars of patriotism.”
~Lynn Sherr, former ABC News correspondent and author of America the Beautiful: The Stirring True Story Behind America’s Favorite Song

“Katharine Lee Bates: From Sea to Shining Sea unfolds at long last the impressive life story and strikingly variegated career of the author of America’s unofficial national anthem. A limit-bumping thinker ahead of her time, sometimes even at odds with it, Katharine Lee Bates also had a remarkable gift for reaching the broader American public.”
~Lawrence Buell, Harvard University, author of New England Literary Culture and The Dream of the Great American Novel

“…[A] carefully researched and thoroughly entrancing life tale of a brilliant and accomplished woman whose many achievements have too long been eclipsed by the enduring success of America the Beautiful. … Ponder wisely sets this triumph in the context of a full and richly lived life.”
~Megan Marshall, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Margaret Fuller: A New American Life and Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast

“Melinda Ponder’s … beautifully written biography presents Katharine Lee Bates as, in her time, a “New Woman.” Readers will find that this life story of a beloved poet, patriot, and social reformer has much to say about our own time.”
~Barbara Kanellopoulos, The Falmouth Enterprise

“Congratulations to Melinda Ponder for telling the story of a poet who was also a true American hero…. is book is a stirring tribute to a brilliant and deeply patriotic American whose message we need to hear today.”
​~Stephen Kinzer, historian and author, The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire

Join us for Joy of Learning!

The Friends of the Falmouth Public Library have just announced the Joy of Learning Spring 2018 class schedule. Please use our online form below to enroll or you may enroll in person at the Main Library’s Reference Desk.

Icebergs and Their Drift into the Atlantic Ocean

Two Sessions: Tuesdays, April 17 & 24, 2:00-3:00 p.m.

This talk will discuss the size and shape of icebergs and their origins, with emphasis on the West Greenland icebergs which drift into the Atlantic shipping lanes. It includes the International iceberg patrol of the U.S. Coast Guard. Attempts to destroy bergs are shown.

Instructor Bio:
Robertson Dinsmore retired from the Coast Guard in 1971. He was Director of Operations and occasional captain of the research ships Atlantis II and Oceanus, retiring again in 2001. He served as a consultant to the National Science Foundation and is currently the director of the U.S. Lighthouse Museum.

Exotic Campaigns: The Struggle for the Kaiser’s African Colonies in the First World War

Three Sessions: Wednesdays, April 11, 18, & 25, 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

For a number of reasons, the conquest of Germany’s African colonies was a vital component of the Allies’ grand strategy. This course will cover the fighting in these little-known theatres of the First World War. It will also introduce some colorful leaders, Germany’s only undefeated WWI general, the longest naval engagement in history, and the amazing flight of the Zeppelin I.59.

Instructor Bio:
Michael McNaught earned BA and MA degrees in history at Oxford University where he specialized in Military History and the Theory of War. An independent school teacher and administrator for 44 years, he has lectured extensively at Falmouth Academy, the Falmouth Historical Society, and the Joy of Learning program since moving to Falmouth in 2004.

Does the U.S. Still Need a Navy?

Three Sessions: Thursdays, April 19 & 26; Friday, May 4, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

An exploration of the role of the Navy in facing today’s security threats.

Instructor Bio:
Michael T. Corgan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of International Relations, Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Iceland, and Associate Faculty at the University of Lapland

The Portuguese in Falmouth (updated and revised)

Four Sessions: April 6, 13, 20, & 27, 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Session I: Portugal: the Azores and First Wave

Session II: Immigrants and Outcasts: Second Wave

Session III: Immigration, Restriction, and Assimilation

Session IV: The Third Wave to Present Day

Instructor Bio:
Lewis A. White worked at M.I.T’s Synchronic Lab and NASA’s Electronic Research Center. He completed graduate work at Worcester Polytech where he taught computer technology, as well as at Hesser College.

Joy of Learning Online Registration Form

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Welcome Dr. Budson!

As you age, you may find yourself worrying about your memory. Where did I put those car keys? What time was my appointment? What was her name again? With more than 41 million Americans over the age of 65 in the United States, the question becomes how much (or, perhaps, what type) of memory loss is to be expected as one gets older and what should trigger a visit to the doctor. Dr. Budson’s new book, co-written with Maureen K. O’Connor addresses these key concerns and more. Join us for a talk with Dr. Budson on Saturday, March 10, 2018, as he discusses his research and his new book, Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and What to Do About it.

Request Your Copy 

Event Information:

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Time: 1:30 -2:30 pm

Location: Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main Street, Hermann Meeting Room

No registration needed. Register on our registration page to receive a reminder email.

Andrew E. Budson, MD, majored in chemistry and philosophy at Haverford College before receiving his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Budson is Professor of Neurology at Boston University, Lecturer in Neurology at Harvard Medical School, and Chief of Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System. His career combines education, research, and clinical care to help those with memory disorders.

Maureen K. O’Connor, PsyD, was educated at Ithaca College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. O’Connor is Assistant Professor of Neurology at Boston University, Director of Neuropsychology at the Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospital, and Member at Large of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Her award-winning research, education, and clinical care focuses on patients with memory disorders.


“Memory concerns are common and addressing them in practical terms is rare. Andrew Budson and Maureen O’Connor take on this challenge in Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory, providing understandable real-world advice about how to know if memory is normal or abnormal and how to understand what memory impairment means. The advice is practical, comprehensible, and valuable – don’t forget this book.” — Jeffrey Cummings, MD, ScD, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, NV


“This book provides a comprehensive review of how the brain stores memories, the causes of memory disorders and how these disorders should be evaluated, treated and managed. This book is so clearly written that it provides valuable information and practical advice for people with memory disorders, their families and health-care professionals.” — Kenneth M. Heilman, MD, Department of Neurology, University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL

“The book combines scientific data from the research literature, clinical knowledge, and their extensive experience to offer a helpful, practical guide to managing concerns that older people may have when their memories start to falter.” — Martin L. Albert, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA


“This thoughtful book offers insight into how the mind works and provides answers to fears about ‘losing our memory’. Through a series of vignettes, the authors help sort fact from fiction and, by the end of the book, the reader will be comforted to learn that being unable to find the keys for the tenth time in a week is likely the result of an overtaxed mind rather than something more serious. In this world of media bombardment and multitasking, here is a book that provides just the reassurance we need. A ‘must read’ for everyone over the age of 40. Just don’t forget to buy it!” — Cecilia McVey, RN, MHA, Certified in Nursing Administration, Boston, MA


“An informative and accessible discussion of memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental-health concerns. This primer will be useful to middle-aged and elderly readers, caregivers, family members, healthcare professionals, and others striving to understand the aging brain or find concrete ways to enhance brain health.” – —Publishers Weekly


“Understanding how memory works, and how well it works, is key to understanding yourself. For this this reason, Seven Steps To Managing Your Memory is recommended reading for everyone.” — The Electric Review


“Overall, I would highly recommend the book as a valuable resource for patients and families. I found it to be clear, accessible, generally accurate reading. I will gladly recommend the book to my patients and their families, and I would encourage other neurologists to do the same.” — Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology

2-Day Crochet

We are very pleased to welcome back Falmouth crochet instructor, Kali Smith.  Kali will lead two 2-day workshops where she will instruct crocheters on how to make a basket using bulky yarn and the magic circle technique.  All materials will be supplied, thanks to the generosity of the Trustees of the Falmouth Public Library.   Finished baskets will be approximately 7” tall and 9” in diameter and will be perfect for storing your yarn.

Participants will be expected to work on the basket at home between meetings and must already know how to:

  • crochet in the round
  • single crochet
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch

The 2-day workshop will be offered twice, at the following dates and times:

Saturday mornings:  March 3 and March 10 from 9:30 – 11:00 AM

Wednesday nights:  March 28 and April 4 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM

All meetings will take place at the Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main St. Falmouth, in the Trustees Room.

You may register for either the Saturday workshop or the Wednesday workshop.  To register, please contact the reference department at 508-457-2555 x 6 or stop by the reference desk where you can see a sample basket. You can also register online at

Technology Class Schedule

March 2018

Draw and Paint with ArtRage on Your Tablet 
Saturday, March 24 , 2:00-3:30 pm
Bay Meeting Room

Instructor: Lori Cooney
Audience: Teens, Adults
Level: Beginner

Are you interested in digital drawing and painting using your tablet? Join technology expert Lori Cooney for a tutorial on ArtRage, a powerful tool available for iOS and Android. ArtRage is a realistic painting and drawing app that includes a full range of easy to use drawing tools like the oil brush, inking pen and glitter. All the tools act like real paint, pencil or chalk, and interact in different ways with each other and the canvas texture.

Sign up

Ask a Librarian: Library e-books for Beginners
Monday, March 26, 10:00 – 11:00 am
Bay Room

Instructor: Kasia Piasecka
Audience: Adults
Level: Beginner

Are you curious about how to download and read free e-books and e-audios from the CLAMS Overdrive Catalog on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet? Learn about free apps like Overdrive, Libby, by Overdrive, Biblioboard, and Axis 360 from one of our Reference Librarians. Bring your preferred reading device with you (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, etc) with you if you’d like and we will help you get started!

10:00-10:30: Library e-book collections and Overdrive tutorial

10:30 – 11:00: One-on-one assistance

Need help from home? Try visiting the library’s e-books page. If you need further assistance, consult the Overdrive Help website.

Sign up


Lori Cooney is a Project Coordinator & Instructional Design Specialist at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. In addition, she is a Christa McAuliffe Teacher and has earned several teaching awards, including the WPI Technology Humanist Award and the MassCUE Pathfinder award.

Kasia Piasecka is a Reference Librarian at the Falmouth Public Library. She enjoys reading ebooks, iPhotography, and learning about new technology.

Technology Classes

January 2018

Get Organized Using Your Smartphone

Saturday, January 13, 2-3:30 pm
Bay Room

Instructor: Lori Cooney

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get organized? Join Lori Cooney for a class on getting organized using helpful apps on your smartphone, including calendar, alarm, and more. iOS and Android apps will be covered.


iPhotography for Beginners
Saturday, January 27, 10-Noon
Bay Room

Instructor: Lisa Rudy

Learn to use the controls on your iPhone camera to capture, edit, send, and save your photos. You will also explore the Enlight app and discover tools for making ordinary photos amazing, softening harsh lines, using filters, and even turning photos into “paintings!”

Grades 6-12 and adults welcome. This workshop is for those with iPhones with IOS version 8 or later. Not sure if you have IOS version 8 or later? Here’s how to check:


Please call the Reference Department to sign up for the waiting list.

Ask a Librarian: Downloading Library eBooks for Beginners
Monday, January 29, 10-11:00 am
Bay Room

Instructor: Kasia Piasecka

Are you curious about how to download and read free ebooks on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet? Learn about free apps like Overdrive, Libby, Axis360, and Hoopla that you can use to read ebooks and listen to eaudios. Attend this workshop or schedule a free appointment with our eBook expert.

Books and resources on how to use different digital devices will also be available to peruse and check out.

Sign up


Lori Cooney is a Project Coordinator & Instructional Design Specialist at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. In addition, she is a Christa McAuliffe Teacher and has earned several teaching awards, including the WPI Technology Humanist Award and the MassCUE Pathfinder award.

Kasia Piasecka is a Reference Librarian at the Falmouth Public Library. She enjoys reading ebooks, iPhotography, and learning about new technology.

Lisa Rudy is a fine art iPhone photographer and juried artist at Cape Cod Art Association whose work has appeared in numerous venues across Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Lisa sells prints and photo-based products at events and through her website:



Dancemeditation Class

Dunya McPherson’s passion for dance took her from a small seaside New England town in 1972 to the Julliard School in the heart of NYC’s vibrant, edgy art scene. A decade later, healing from a serious injury, she turned away from her successful performing career and retreated to a monastic mountaintop community directed by a charismatic Iraqi Sufi Master. This sojourn opened a mysterious, beautiful inner world, and an understanding of dance as moving prayer. Her path became Dancemeditation.

Dunya will read from her book Skin of Glass: finding spirit in the flesh at the Woods Hole Library (581 Woods Hole Rd.) on Wednesday, January 17 at 7:30 pm [more information]. You can then join her at the Main Library (300 Main St.) for a relaxing DanceMeditation session on Monday, January 22 at 2:00 pm. Drop in or contact the library to sign up.

About the Workshop

*** Come ~ Go In ~ Receive ***
Dunya’s Dancemeditation helps us trust our bodies. We move through the crust of harried surface worries and into our Huge Intelligence. Body speaks to us from the flow of our most Original self, freeing us from habitual patterns, and increasing our awareness of embodied present-ness.





The workshop will be comprised of 1.5 hour of movement, introducing you to exploration in gentle curvilinear motion, hand dances, and breath-based stretching, healing rocking, and intuitive movement flow. The movement period will be balanced with rest to allow integration. The session is designed to promote revitalization, a deeper relationship with our body, an inward, intuitive connection to movement and breathing, and a taste of the Sufi Way of embodied mysticism under the guidance of an acclaimed authority, living Sufi master, and meditative leader.

To learn more about Dancemeditation Practices, visit:

Please bring a mat and blanket with you.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing for movement, and have a warm layer and socks for the rest period.
Complimentary tea will be provided at the end of the session (3:30 pm). Participants are invited to stay afterward for conversation and refreshments.

Entrepreneur & Small Business Workshop Series

We’re excited to welcome staff and volunteers from the Small Business Administration and SCORE for three informative presentations for new entrepreneurs and small business owners this December, as well as in February and May 2018. All programs are free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged.

The SBA Advantage

Learn about the many resources available to help you begin your business startup. Find information, advisors, assistance, as well as financial sources, to further your business ideas. Presented by the Small Business Administration.

Dates: Thursdays, December 14, 2017; February 22, 2018; May 31, 2018

Time: 10:00 am – noon

Room: Hermann Meeting Room (300 Main Street, Falmouth)

Untitled design(1)


Meet Our Speakers:

Small Business Administration (SBA) helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. Its 320+ chapters hold events and workshops locally across the U.S. and its territories, and match up entrepreneurs with local, volunteer mentors.

Depending on availability, SEED staff may be present as well:

SEED (South Eastern Economic Development) is a regional nonprofit economic development corporation, SEED Corporation focuses on job creation by financing all types of small businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. SEED makes loans ranging from a $1,000 Micro Loan to a $5.5 million SBA 504 Loan and also administers a small business technical assistance program.






Welcome Tess Gerritsen!

We’re pleased to welcome Tess Gerritsen on Thursday, October 5 at 12:00pm!

Tess will talk about her new novel I Know a Secret and sign copies of her book following the event. I Know a Secret will be available for purchase from Eight Cousins Bookstore.

The event will be filmed live by FCTV.

Ticket Information

Pick up your free ticket at the Main Library beginning on Saturday, September 30 at 10:00 am. No library card required. Tickets will be available at the Info Desk on the main level in the Reference Room. There are 125 tickets available. Tickets are strongly encouraged, but not required. The general public will be invited to find their seats in the Hermann Meeting Room beginning at 11:45 am on the day of the event. Ticket-holders are strongly encouraged to arrive before 11:30 am on the day of the event to find their seat. Seats will not be held for ticket-holders if they arrive after 11:45 am.

If you pick up a ticket and can no longer attend the event, please contact us and let us know. You will not be asked to return your ticket.

What else do I need to know?

  • Tickets cannot be held at the library. You must pick up your ticket on or after Saturday, September 30 if you wish to have a ticket. If you cannot pick up a ticket on September 30, please feel free to contact us to see if there are any tickets left on Monday, October 2.
  • Ticket-holders are strongly encouraged to find their seats by 11:30 am. Seats will not be reserved for them.
  • If you have a ticket, you will be able to access to the Hermann Meeting Room between 11:00 am – 11:45 am. After that time, the general public will be able to gain admission. Entrance to the room will not be allowed before 11:00 am.
  • Limit of 2 tickets per person.
  • Overflow seating will be available in the Bay Meeting Room for those who cannot find seats at the time of the event. A live broadcast of the event will be shown in the room.
  • The event will begin promptly at Noon. Please arrive on time.

Tess Gerritsen: Tess’s first medical thriller, Harvest, was released in hardcover in 1996, and it marked her debut on the New York Times bestseller list. Her suspense novels since then have been: Life Support (1997), Bloodstream (1998), Gravity (1999), The Surgeon (2001), The Apprentice (2002), The Sinner (2003), Body Double (2004), Vanish (2005), The Mephisto Club (2006), The Bone Garden (2007), The Keepsake (2008; UK title: Keeping the Dead), Ice Cold (2010; UK title: The Killing Place), The Silent Girl (2011), Last To Die (August 2012), Die Again (January 2015) and Playing With Fire (2015). Her books have been published in forty countries, and more than 30 million copies have been sold around the world. Follow her on Twitter @tessgerritsen and on Facebook.

I Know a Secret

Place a hold

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles–the inspiration for the smash hit TNT series–continue their bestselling crime-solving streak, as they pursue a shadowy psychopath keeping secrets and taking lives. Two separate homicides, at different locations, with unrelated victims, have more in common than just being investigated by Boston PD detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles. In both cases, the bodies bear startling wounds–yet the actual cause of death is unknown. It’s a doubly challenging case for the cop and the coroner to be taking on, at a fraught time for both of them. As Jane struggles to save her mother from the crumbling marriage that threatens to bury her, Maura grapples with the imminent death of her own mother–infamous serial killer Amalthea Lank. While Jane tends to her mother, there’s nothing Maura can do for Amalthea, except endure one final battle of wills with the woman whose shadow has haunted her all her life. Though succumbing to cancer, Amalthea hasn’t lost her taste for manipulating her estranged daughter–this time by dangling a cryptic clue about the two bizarre murders Maura and Jane are desperately trying to solve. But whatever the dying convict knows is only a piece of the puzzle. Soon the investigation leads to a secretive young woman who survived a shocking abuse scandal, an independent horror film that may be rooted in reality, and a slew of martyred saints who died cruel and unusual deaths.

Tess Gerritsen’s clever plotting and medical knowledge give her thrillers that extra edge. Expect a white-knuckle ride to very dark places
—Paula Hawkins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Girl on the Train

“Suspense doesn’t get smarter than this.” – New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

“Gerritsen has a knack for creating great characters and mysterious plots that seem straightforward but also dazzle with complexity and twists.” – The Associated Press

“One of the most versatile voices in thriller fiction today.” – The Providence Journal