Welcoming New Staff at FPL

We are happy to welcome Anna Lee to the Falmouth Public Library staff as a cataloger.

Anna began working at the Library this past summer helping out with the  Postcards from Falmouth project.  Responsible for scheduling oral histories and working in the digital archives, Anna also pushed out the most intriguing and delightful posts on Instagram from our historical postcard collection.

With her background as an English major, with emphases in both linguistics and creative writing, Anna has acclimated quickly to cataloging, especially fiction.  Anna’s favorite  genres are Fantasy, Science Fiction, and nature writing–“anything with an environment you can get lost in, real or not.” Some of her favorite books are Watership Down, by Richard Adams, and Dime-Store Alchemy, by Charles Simic.

 Anna thinks the “best thing about public libraries is how varied their services can be, and how librarians are always working to offer more.”  The most surprising thing about libraries now that Anna works in one is “just how many things change behind the scenes that a casual visitor might never notice.”  Indeed! Things sure have changed for new FPL catalogers–just consider examples found in the Library’s historical documents of Anna’s predecessor‘s practicing the “Rules for Library Hand” at the turn of the century.

Welcome Anna!

4 comments on “Welcoming New Staff at FPL

  1. Katherine Crew says:

    Welcome Anna, This is one of the best libraries I know of. And 99% of that is the staff.

  2. Faith Lee says:

    Congratulations to both Anna and FPL!

  3. Jill Erickson says:

    Hip hip hooray for Anna, FPL and especially Tech Services!!

  4. Lauren Medeiros says:

    Congratulations on your new position Anna!

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