Ticks: Educate and Protect Yourself!

As summer is coming, it seems like a great time to repost the video from Larry Dapsis’ Zoom presentation on ticks from a year ago!

Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne disease in Massachusetts, and is now considered a public health crisis.  In addition to Lyme, deer ticks can carry the pathogens that cause other illnesses. 

This program reviewed the basic life cycle and ecology of deer ticks, incidence rates and distribution of tick-borne illnesses.  It included a three-point protection:  Protect Yourself, Protect Your Yard and Protect your Pet.  Tick-Borne diseases are preventable! Also, for even more information on ticks and bugs, click here to go to Larry’s page on the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension site. 

Larry Dapsis has been an entomologist since age 5.  He has a B.S. in Environmental Science & Biology from Fitchburg State University and an M.S. in entomology from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst.  He has forty years of professional pest management experience, for vegetables, cranberries and households.  He joined Cape Cod Cooperative Extension in 2011 as the Deer Tick Project Coordinator and Entomologist, and he is a member of the Barnstable County Task Force on Lyme and other Tick-Borne Diseases.


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