Study Rooms Now Reservable

Every day someone comes into the library and asks us, “Is there a place I can do a Zoom that’s fairly private?” A job interview in a place separate from your noisy dog? A work call when the wifi is down at home? A tutoring session? We can meet that need!

We’ve recently improved our study rooms off the Reference Room with the addition of sound-dampening panels, clocks, and ethernet ports so you can plug in directly if you find your Zoom call is shaky on wifi.

The big change, though, is the study rooms can now be reserved in advance. Here’s how it works:

  • Study rooms can be reserved up to one week (7 days) in advance.
  • They can be reserved for up to two hours in a row. After two hours, you can ask for an extension if nobody has the room booked.
  • Study rooms can be reserved by calling the Reference Desk at 508-457-2555 X7, emailing us at, or stopping by the desk in person. If you’ve booked in advance, stop by the Reference Desk to check in when you arrive.
  • They can hold up to two people. Zoom calls are ok, but a headset and quiet voices are preferred. It’s also fine to use these rooms for in-person tutoring or study sessions.
  • They are only available during hours the library is open to the public (usually 10-5:30, with evening hours Tuesday and Wednesdays).

Stop in and check these rooms out! We’re sure they will book up quickly.

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