Postcards from Falmouth: Main Street

Histpric postcard image of Falmouth's Main Street

How well do you know Main Street? Join Camille Beale and Nancy Eldridge on an insider tour, and learn about everything you could buy, browse, or admire on Falmouth’s main drag in the middle of the 20th century. Both longtime residents with ties to Main Street, Camille and Nancy have watched it grow and change from front-row seats. In conversation with Barbara Kanellopoulos, they recall lunches at the five and dime, Western films at the Elizabeth Theater, and the attractions popular stores used to entice customers, from the monkey to the x-ray machine.


Tour our Main Street digital exhibit here.

Explore the postcard collection online here.

Postcards from Falmouth is a local history project of Falmouth Public Library, funded by a LSTA grant and administered by the MBLC.

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