Lecture: Montaigne’s Essays

We are happy to welcome Falmouth resident Dr. Francis Baudry to give a lecture on the 16th century French essayist Michel de Montaigne. Montaigne, who is viewed as the inventor of the literary essay, wrote exploring the psychology of the self. In his search for sincerity he wrote that he was “undertaking an enterprise without precedent, a portrait in every way true to nature, and the man I will portray will be myself.” Montaigne’s essays also give a rich portrait of life in 16th century France, its religious struggles and class inequality.

Dr. Baudry is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst affiliated with the Mt. Sinai Dept. of Psychiatry in New York, and is a member of The Soldier’s Project, an organization giving free mental health care to veterans and their families.

This event will occur at 11am on Friday March 24 in the Hermann Meeting Room. Please register.

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