Falmouth Osprey Project

Join the Falmouth Osprey Project’s Kevin Friel and Barbara Schneider on Tuesday February 20 at 11am in the Hermann Room for a presentation about the project’s work.

The Falmouth Osprey Project formed in response to the 2021 nesting season, which saw 9 fires and power outages directly linked to the fact that ospreys love to nest on utility poles. Since then volunteer teams have helped build replacement nesting platform sites on nearby non-utility poles so that the birds can nest safely, without the risk of electrocution. The Osprey Project has also worked with Eversource to help identify utility poles that need nest deterrants installed, since ospreys like to return to their nests year after year. The project has been successful enough in Falmouth that other Cape towns with many ospreys have looked to it as a model! Kevin and Barbara will share interesting facts about ospreys and their habits as well as many excellent photos, like the one illustrating this blog post.

This presentation is appropriate for all ages, although small children should be accompanied by an adult. Space is limited, so we encourage you to register.


4 comments on “Falmouth Osprey Project

  1. Cindy Poirier says:

    Can’t wait

    1. Sue says:

      It sounds great!

  2. Margaret Gifford says:

    Such a worthy project!!

    1. Sue says:


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