Dungeons and Dragons at FPL

Are you feeling like you’d rather be a goblin today? Dungeons and Dragons might help…

Come to the Falmouth Public Library Young Adult room for our next Dungeons and Dragons club on December 5th from 12 PM – 1:30 PM. It’s Falmouth Public Schools’ early release day! What better way than to escape school than to escape into a whole new world, designed by yourself and friends!

Now that we have some personalized characters, we’ll be diving into some sampling. Patrons will have the opportunity to have a battle, communicate with other imaginary characters in a town diner, or whatever else the Dungeon Master creates. The possibilities are endless! If you need some direction we have plenty of materials to guide you along the way.

Hopefully you can start your own Dungeons and Dragons crew and take what you have imagined and learned to continue to bring your world to life. Campaigns can be a “one shot” which lasts around 4 hours. There are also groups that have been playing together with the same characters for over a year!

Maybe someday you would like to try and be a Dungeon Master (the “guide” of the game). Though it is very time consuming, the D&D club at FPL is a great place to learn the basics. FPL also has plenty of resources that can be borrowed to begin practicing and reading up on all the possibilities! There are campaigns that are laid out in books that the library has in its collection or a Dungeon Master can write their own.

The event will provide an excellent understanding of the basics of Dungeons and Dragons. Young adults of all levels of experience are welcome! Since 1974, people (and more importantly, their imaginations) have been enjoying Dungeons and Dragons! Hop on board!

Registration is encouraged and can be accessed at the FPL events page!

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