Chess for all Ages

We are delighted to welcome chess expert Glenn Davison back, on Tuesday evening, January 24th at 6 pm, for a Zoom lesson-there will be also be an option to watch it from here, in the Hermann Room! Click here to register and get the Zoom link.

Partly due to a very popular (and Emmy and Golden Globe-winning!) miniseries on Netflix called “The Queen’s Gambit,” about a woman who breaks gender barriers in the male-dominated world of chess, chess has undergone a bit of a renaissance: many shops have sold out of chess sets! As Glenn says, there are many good messages in the show including reading, studying, preparation, learning, and practice.

Glenn is a lifelong chess player who has taught dozens of chess classes in Massachusetts resulting in hundreds of chess players and multiple chess clubs. He specializes in animated online chess classes that everyone can enjoy, often with grandparents learning at the same time as their grandchildren.

This class teaches the fundamentals of chess. In a little over an hour, you will learn the basics of playing chess including setting up, using the pawns and other pieces, special moves, tips and even how to win a game of chess in four moves.

Since teaching is done online with examples, interaction, animations and quizzes, a chess set is unnecessary. If you watch it here, though, you can play along with one of ours!

This event is free and appropriate for adults, teens and children ages 8 and up, and is sponsored by the Trustees of the Falmouth Public Library.  Registration is required before the event. Click here to register, or contact the reference department at 508-457-2555 x 7.

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