Cape & Island Reads on The Point with Mindy Todd

Mindy Todd, Mary Fran Buckley of Eight Cousins Books, and Jill Erickson, Head of Reference & Adult Services at Falmouth Public Library had a fun time this morning talking about books having to do with Cape Cod and the Islands. Thanks to all of our listeners who called in or e-mailed us as well! Here is today’s list! And if you missed the show, you can listen online anytime!

Mindy’s Pick

A Little Taste of Cape Cod by Annie B. Copps

Mary Fran’s Picks

Cape Cod and the Islands: where beauty and history meet by Kathryn Kleeklamp. And here is the blog entry about Moby-Dick and a quote about cranberries.
Bound and The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning (And Sally Gunning DID write a bunch of mysteries … here is the list.)
Riptide by Frances Ward Weller
The Nature of Cape Cod  by Beth Schwarzman
Jill’s Picks
And This is Cape Cod! by Eleanor Early (You can read the article from the Falmouth Enterpise in the digital edition, just search “One Cape Cod Book” which was the title of the article. The article is from the July 9, 1936 paper.
The Disappearing Island by Corinne Demas, illustrated by Ted Lewin
Gorey’s Worlds by Erin Monroe
The Cocktail Hour Garden by C.L. Fornari
The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath 1950-1962 edited by Karen V. Kukil (You can read her poem “Mussel Hunter at Rock Harbor” online here.
A Scandal in Scarlet: a Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery by Vicki Delany (Coming in Nov. 2018)
The Bostonians by Henry James
Listener Picks
The News from the End of the World by Emily Jeanne Miller
Mysteries by Cynthia Riggs
Jane’s Island by Marjorie Hill Alee
C is for Cape Cod: exploring the Cape from A to Z  by Christine Laurie and Steve Heaslip
*Author Howard Mitcham also drew the illustrations in this book.  It was republished in paperback and hardcover in June, 2018 with a new introduction by famed chef and travel/food writer Anthony Bourdain, written shortly before he died.

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