Cape Cod & the Islands, Part Two.

This morning, I had the pleasure of sharing books about Cape Cod and the Islands with Mindy Todd and Dennis Minsky on the monthly book show. If you missed the show, you can always listen on line at WCAI! Thanks to all our listeners who were listening or who called in with other title suggestions. It is hard to believe that this is the fifth month that we have been sharing books from our homes, and I know we all look forward to the day when we can see each other as well as listen to each other! In the meantime, here is today’s list of all the titles that were mentioned.

And if you are interested in being part of the Twitter reading group that is currently reading The Maytrees by Annie Dillard, just follow @APublicSpace and @elizmccracken on Twitter and join the fun!

Mindy’s Picks

Craig Kingsbury Talkin’ by Kristen Kingsbury Henshaw
Beyond the Bright Sea, Wolf Hollow and Echo Mountain by Lauren Wolk 
Anything by Martin Sandler

Dennis’ Picks

The House on Nauset Marsh by Wyman Richardson
Cape Cod Yesterdays by Joseph Lincoln
Nature’s Year: the seasons of Cape Cod by John Hay
Time and the Town: a Provincetown chronicle by Mary Heaton Vorse
Cape Cod Shore Whaling: America’s First Whalemen by John Braginton-Smith and Duncan Oliver

Jill’s Picks

Stone, Paper, Knife by Marge Piercy. The poem I read was Very Late July.
Dream Work by Mary Oliver. The poem I read was Starfish.
The Maytrees 
by Annie Dillard
The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken
Martha’s Vineyard and Other Places by David Hockney
Illumination Night by Alice Hoffman
The House on Oyster Creek by Heidi Jon Schmidt
Hot Water by Sally Gunning
A Beautiful Place to Die by Philip R. Craig

Listener Picks

A Cape Cod Sketch Book by Jack Frost. (Many of the structures he sketched are still standing today!)
That Quail Robert by Margaret A. Stanger with drawings by Cathy Baldwin. This true story is set in Orleans.
In the Wake of the Willows: a sequel to Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows by Frederick Thurber and illustrated by Amy Thurber. The listener says even though the book isn’t based on the Cape, it evokes a feeling of Cape Cod.
The Wild Edge: life and lore of the great Atlantic beaches by Philip Kopper

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