Brett Warren Poetry Conversation

Join us on Wednesday Sept. 20 at 11:00 am in the Hermann Room for a conversation and reading with Cape poet Brett Warren. Brett and Falmouth Public Library’s Head of Adult Services Phoebe Acheson will read poems from Brett’s 2023 book The Map of Unseen Things, and have a conversation about the poetry.  Audience members will have a period for questions and answers as well. Please register.

A long-time editor, Brett Warren holds a BA in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her poetry has appeared in Canary, Cape Cod Poetry Review, The Comstock Review, Eunoia Review, Green Fuse, Halfway Down the Stairs, Harbor Review, Hole in the Head Review, ONE ART, One Sentence Poems, Pine Row Journal, Right Hand Pointing, Rise Up Review, and many other publications.

Brett Warren’s beautiful collection, The Map of Unseen Things, is steeped in wisdom, honesty, and empathy. I was therefore willing—even eager—even happy—to follow her into the depths of sorrow and loss from which many of her poems arise. I felt as if I were looking into both a window and a mirror as I read, immersed in both compassion and solace. A rewarding, hopeful, expansive experience.

—Lauren Wolk, author of Wolf HollowBeyond the Bright SeaEcho Mountain, and My Own Lightning

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