Our Very Own Jill Erickson on the NPR Air Waves!

It’s true!  Jill Erickson, Head of Reference and Adult Services at FPL, is becoming a radio celebrity on the National Public Radio air waves.  A regular on Mindy Todd’s The Point; Jill was interviewed on the subject of libraries and e-books yesterday, along with WCAI’s Sean Corcoran, on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee.  Listen to Sean and Jill discuss “The Battle Over E-books.”

The interview is based upon a series by Corcoran, a senior reporter for WCAI and its partner station, WGBH.  Studying Libraries is an “original 3-part series about local libraries – how they are expanding their offerings, particularly during this difficult economic time, as well as some of the challenges libraries face as they continue to meet patrons’ needs.”

In “Part One: Doing More with Less,” Jill discusses how people look to public libraries in tough economic times.  Not only are people “cutting things such as wireless internet access, newspaper subscriptions and music purchases from their household budgets,” but, as Jill claims, they are also using the library as their “own personal Netflix.” Ever the library advocate, Jill asks, “…if you can get it for free, why not go to the public library?”

In fact, it is in “Part Two: The Battle Over E-books,” that Jill’s advocacy of libraries is best revealed.  When asked about the precarious relationship between the publishing world and libraries due to e-books, Jill claims, “…we are all about sharing information. It’s really distressing that publishers who have always been friends of public libraries are now adversaries.”

Here’s to libraries, library advocates, and local radio celebrities like our very own Jill Erickson!

Stay tuned for Part Three of Corcoran’s Studying Libraries, which is to be continued…

2 comments on “Our Very Own Jill Erickson on the NPR Air Waves!

  1. Kathleen (Kit) Rawlins says:

    Jill, It *was* you! I was in the car, driving home, listening to the piece just by chance and you were introduced. I’m afraid I didn’t recognize your voice–but this confirms it. Excellent and interesting piece, especially about restrictions on the number of times an ebook could be lent.  Kit

  2. Laura Ford says:

    Look out Nancy Pearl!

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