Falmouth Public Library Reading Challenge 2021

Happy New Year!  If you are looking to get outside your literary comfort zone this year, join our reading challenge group on Facebook – “Falmouth Public Library Reading Challenge 2021”. 

We are encouraging people to read one book a month, each from a different category.  We hope the group will function as a loose book club – a place where people can recommend books to others and find their next read.  The category for January is “Autobiography, Biography, or Memoir”.  

(Visit the group by clicking here,  to see all 12 categories!) If you’re looking for a jumping off point, check our Facebook Group for recommendations from the staff.  If you’ve got one you’d like to share, visit our group and feel encouraged to post it!  This is a public group, and you certainly don’t have to read a book from each category to participate.  The goal is simply to create a space for readers to find books they might not otherwise have picked up, and to share highlights with each other.  

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