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Unattended Children

Board of Library Trustees Unattended Children Policy

The Falmouth Public Library welcomes children of all ages to use and enjoy the facilities, collections and programs offered by the library. To ensure the safety and well being of children in the library, the following policies have been established:

  1. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult caregiver.
  2. Parents will be called if a child under the age of 10 is left unattended after the library closes. If the parent is unavailable, the Falmouth Police Department will be called.
  3. Children age 10 or older may be left unattended for the period of time needed to select materials, complete a homework assignment, or attend a program. Children should not be left long (more than two hours) periods of time; the library does not provide daycare services.
  4. Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult on the elevator.
  5. Disruptive behavior including shouting, running, pushing, or rowdy activities is not tolerated. Disruptive children of any age will be asked to leave the building. A parent or caregiver will be called to pick up an unaccompanied child under the age of 10 years.

Affirmed 12/13/2005
Board of Library Trustees