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The Anita Gunning and Robert C. Hunt, Jr. Historical Postcard Collections

Memorial Library Postcard from the Gunning and Hunt Postcard Collections


Gifted to the Library by Anita Gunning and Robert C. Hunt, Jr., the Library’s collection of historic postcards consists of over 2000 depictions of Falmouth, its villages, and other noted landmarks within our beautiful town.




Postcards from Falmouth: A Local History Project


The foundation of Postcards from Falmouth is based upon a grant awarded to the Falmouth Public Library with the express goal to capture, collect and digitally preserve and share the evolving history of Falmouth, its rich and varied environment as seen through its landmarks and villages, and its unique local stories as experienced by the diverse voices within our community.

The project includes the production of a series of oral histories that revolve around the Library’s collection of historical postcards of Falmouth, various programs and presentations that not only focus on the postcards and Falmouth history, but that invite the community to share their memories of Falmouth, and digital exhibits prepared and curated by library staff. 

Visit the current exhibit,  NOTES ON FALMOUTH HISTORY , to learn more about–and add to–our local story!

Postcards from Falmouth is a Library Services Technology Act grant, administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners [MBLC].




Falmouth at Home Exhibit

Falmouth at Home is a collection of photographs taken by the Falmouth community that documents how we spend our days while we stay close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Falmouth residents are invited to  share photographs of the following:

  • bookshelves
  • pets
  • local beaches
  • gardens

Please email photos to , make the subject “FALMOUTH AT HOME”,  and provide a title, your name, and a description of your photo, if you wish.




Honoring Falmouth Veterans Exhibit


Honoring Falmouth Veterans is a collection of images depicting the monuments and plaques along Memorial Lane, which leads up to the Library’s front entrance. The Library collects and preserves photos of Falmouth residents who served in the United States military during a World War. 

Please email photos to, and make your subject “Honoring Falmouth Veterans”.  Most importantly, please include the veteran’s name, branch of service, and the war in which they served.




Falmouth Public Library Art Collection

America, by Hiram Powers from the Falmouth Public Library Art Collection

The Library’s art collection consists of an array of formats, many by local artists:

  • sculptures and statues
  • original oil and watercolor paintings
  • photographs
  • etchings and engravings
  • roller art, woodcuts, and lithographs
  • wood carvings and wooden structures
  • ceramic vases and tiles





Ships Logs Collection

Read the logbooks of Falmouth whalers!  According to the Falmouth Historical Society, who house the original ships logs, thirteen whaleships sailed from Falmouth for at least 51 voyages.  Dating back from 1806 to 1879, the logs were scanned and are available to view.  Click on the image to view the logs:


The logs are also currently being transcribed, which may be viewed by clicking here.  The transcripts are added as completed.





Falmouth Public School Yearbooks

The Library’s collection of Falmouth Public School yearbooks, commencement programs, and student publications range from 1915 to the present.  Titles include:

  • The Broadcaster (Henry Ward Hall School)
  • The Clipper Compact (Falmouth High School)
  • Lawrence High-Lites (Lawrence High School)
  • The Lawrencian (Lawrence High School)
  • The Voice (Lawrence High School)




Library Digital Archives: The Falmouth Enterprise and the Town of Falmouth Annual Reports


While almost every edition of the Falmouth Enterprise from 1896 to 1962 is now archived in a searchable online database, the Town of Falmouth Annual Reports from 1873-1961 are also available for viewing . 

This digitization project was made possible by a grant funded by the Community Preservation Committee under the Community Preservation Act in 2013.





Falmouth Public Library Historical Documents


Through a grant by the Falmouth Community Preservation Fund in 2010, the Library was enabled to rebind documents and records dating back to 1792.  The documents include accession books, circulation statistics, and Trustee minutes. 

Click on the image to view them.