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Patron Policy

So that the library may serve the public well.

Patrons shall be considerate of all persons in the library. Patrons should avoid loud conversations, making nose and any other disruptive conduct, which interferes with others or prevents the staff from serving all patrons in a professional and expeditious manner. Soliciting or canvassing of any kind is not permitted. Patrons should wear shoes and shirts and meet a reasonable standard of personal hygiene, which will not interfere with other patrons using the library.

For everyone's safety

Passageways shall remain unobstructed and bicycles and skateboards shall remain outside the building. Restrooms shall not be misused. Guide dogs are the only animals, which may be brought into the library.

To keep the library environment and its property in the best condition.

State Law regarding proper borrowing of materials and use of library cards apply (MGL.Ch 266, sec. 99). Library equipment shall be treated with care to avoid damage or defacement or unauthorized removal of Library property. Certain areas are posted for staff only and may be entered only with permission from the staff. If the security system sounds patrons may be required to open bags or pocketbooks for inspection.

Foods and beverages are allowed only in meeting rooms when used for scheduled public events.

Patrons of all ages are welcome.

Accompanying adults are responsible for the supervision and behavior of young children.

These rules help make our library a resource for all to use and enjoy and the Library welcomes any suggestions which help to better serve all our patrons.

Approved by Board of Library Trustees 2/14/95