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Library Grounds Use

Board of Library Trustees
Library Grounds Use Policy

    The Falmouth Public Library lawn may be used to enhance the Town's and Library's cultural activities within the following guidelines set forth by the Trustees of the Library. A portion of the grounds of the lawn is maintained as a memorial to local veterans who have served their country, and is excluded from these activities.

  1. As historic cultural town property, the Library grounds will be made available on an equitable basis to groups or organizations who request use of the property. The Library's programs shall have priority over the use of the grounds.
  2. The Library grounds will be made available for temporary use by groups or organizations who formally request its use and whose activities are non-profit. All activities, programs, or exhibits must be free of charge and open to the public. There will be no sales of any kind allowed on the Library grounds with exception of the Friends book sales and activities. Authors and performers invited to speak at a Library program may sell materials directly related to their presentation.
  3. There are no charges for the use of the Library Grounds; however, donations to the Board of Trustees or the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library are appreciated.
  4. Groups of individuals desiring to use the Library grounds shall obtain and submit a Request Form to the Library Director's Office to be approved by the Board of Trustees, who normally meet on the second Tuesday of the month.
  5. The Library does not provide personnel to assist in the handling of exhibits or any other materials needed to groups or individuals using the Library grounds.
  6. The Library shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses of such group's or organization's personal property incurred while on Library grounds.
  7. A portion of the grounds of the Falmouth Public Library is maintained by the Veteran's Council by mutual agreement with the Trustees, and may not be requested for use. This area includes the Memorial Lane sidewalk and extends 55 feet from the center line of the sidewalk, the monument areas, and their planting areas. The boundaries of this area must be respected (see map).
  8. The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to invoke the indemnification and insurance procedures as outline in the Attachment to this policy entitled Indemnification and Insurance.
  9. Requirements for Grounds Requests: All requests or exceptions to the above stated policy are subject to the approval of the Board of Library Trustees. The use of Library utilities must have prior approval of the Board of Trustees. Groups or organizations wishing to use Library grounds must obtain all necessary permits. This includes, but is not limited to obtaining a Tent Permit and contacting DIG SAFE; if the Board of Trustees has approved placing tents on the Library lawn for an event, it is mandatory that the organizations contact DIG SAFE at 811 or 1-888-DIG-SAFE (DIG SAFE website) before erecting any tents. Groups or organizations requesting use of the grounds must leave the grounds in clean condition upon completion of all activities.
  10. No group or organization may use the grounds unless it complies in all respects with the provisions of this policy and submits, in fully executed form, the application and indemnification agreement called for in this policy, and any insurance certificate requested pursuant hereto. No grounds request shall be deemed complete until the library staff receives a complete, signed original form (together, if requested, with an original insurance certificate). The application form must be signed by an officer or principal of the group or organization wishing to use the grounds.
  11. Any false, misleading or incomplete statement on the application form, or failure to comply with this Policy, may result in the loss of further use of the grounds.

Accepted and voted by the Board of Library Trustees on December 13, 2005
Revised November 9, 2007
Revised February 8, 2008
Revised September 27, 2012