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Gifts of Materials Other Than Books

The library will accept appropriate non-library gift items with the proviso that such materials may not always be on display. The library rotates display and other items and will make decisions on space available and how any item fits into library needs and goals.

Gifts of materials from individuals and organizations are evaluation according to the same selection policy that governs acquisition of purchased material.

The acceptance of a gift does not mean that the library will automatically add the gift to the collection or use the gift immediately. The library does not provide evaluation of gifts for taxes and other purposes.

In the case of monetary gifts for specified purchases the library will attempt to satisfy the donor's wishes if the requested materials meet the state overall criteria.

Gifts may have a small plaque attached when it is appropriate to do so. The selection and wording will be at the discretion of the library with consideration given to the donor's intent.

When particular note of a donation is desired, a notice will be made in the downstairs lobby display case.

Gifts may be accepted or rejected on a case-by-case basis with consultation of the Director and the Board. The library reserves the right to recession gifts if the Board deems that advisable.