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Prostate Cancer Web Resources

Prostate Cancer Overview

Prostate Cancer Overview (American Association of Cancer Research)
All YOU Need to Know about Prostate Cancer (National Cancer Institute)
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Cancer Dictionaries

Dictionary of Cancer Terms (cancer.gov)
More Technical Dictionary of Cancer Terms (American Association of Cancer Research)

Dictionary of Cancer Drugs (cancer.gov)
Cancer Drug Guide (American Cancer Society)

Prostate Cancer Screening

Detection and Diagnosis (National Cancer Institute)
Screening Overview (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
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Detection Overview (American Cancer Society)

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Test Q & A


Treatment Overview (cancer.gov)
Considering Treatment Options (American Cancer Society)
Prostate Cancer Treatments and Drugs (Mayoclinic)

Chemotherapy Overview in English and Portuguese (Brazilian)
Chemotherapy Side Effects Fact Sheet (National Cancer Institute)

Radiation Side Effects Fact Sheet

Eating Tips for Cancer Patients

Alternative Treatments

Guide to Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatments (WebMD)
Thinking About Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer? (National Cancer Institute)


For Families and Caregivers (Prostate Cancer Foundation)
Prostate Cancer Caregiving
Advanced Disease and Caregiving

Complete Prostate Cancer Caregiver's Guide

Support Groups

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
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Support and Advocacy Groups (American Association of Cancer Research)
Sources of Support (National Cancer Institute)
Patient Support (Prostate Cancer Foundation)

Support Groups on the Cape
Monthly Calendar of Cape Cod Support Groups

Support for Teens

Clinical Trials

How Clinical Trials Work
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Clinical Trials Tutorial
Everything YOU need to know if YOU want to join a Clinical Trial

Search for Trials

Results of Recent Prostate Cancer Trials

Current Prostate Cancer Trials
    National Cancer Institute
    Dana Farber Cancer Institute

New Research

Overview of Recent Innovations in Prostate Cancer Research

Soy is Protective Against Localized Prostate Cancer
Men who take Aspirin have significantly lower PSA levels
New, non-invasive Prostate Test beats traditional PSA in detecting disease

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Overview of Prostate Cancer, Diagnosis and Treatment Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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