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Death and Dessert

Works featured in previous programs

Perfect Crime by Peter Abrahams, a Falmouth Author!
Boston Blueblood Roger Cullingwood plots to kill his unfaithful wife on an isolated island in New Hampshire.

Elixir by Gary Braver
Massachusetts biologist Chris Bacon discovers a plant in New Guinea that appears to be the Fountain of Youth, but he is forced into hiding when mobsters blame him for an airline bombing.

Final Copy, by Jan Brogan
Reporter Addie McNeil’s career is on the skids, so to impress her boss she takes on a murder investigation. The main suspect turns out to be…surprise!…her old boyfriend.

A Beautiful Place to Die, by Philip Craig
Boston ex-cop Jeff Jackson is enjoying a quiet retirement on Martha’s Vineyard, fishing for blues and getting to know pretty nurse Zee Madeiros. Suddenly a fishing boat explodes off Cape Pogue, killing one of the passengers, and Jeff is once more on the trail of a murderer.

Death in Paradise, by Kate Flora
At a conference in Hawaii, the organizer, control freak Martina Pullman, is discovered dead as a doornail, dressed in a Fredericks of Hollywood getup. Amateur sleuth Thea Kozak, an educational consultant, searches for the killer.

The Stone Circle, by Gary Goshgarian
Professor Peter VanZandt is in charge of an unusual archeological dig on an island in Boston Harbor. The dig turns up some eerie things, including witches, a ghost, a skeleton, and a mysterious circle of stones. Things take on a twilight zone quality when VanZandt hears his dead wife calling to him from the grave.

Under Water, by Sally Gunning
Jack of all trades Peter Bartholomew hires teenage twins Carlisle and Bentley Brown as summer help at Factotum, his Martha’s Vineyard business. Summer is unexpectedly cut short for Bentley, however. Pete finds her lifeless body washed up on the tide. The first in a series.

Blunt Darts, by Jeremiah Healy
When Boston insurance investigator loses his wife and his job, he battles the twin demons of alcoholism and depression. He swings back into action when 14 year old Stephen Kinnington disappears and the kid’s blueblood grandmother hires Cuddy to investigate.

Dead Low Tide, by Jamie Katz
Lawyer Dan Kardon investigates the mysterious shooting death of clean-cut college sophomore Aaron Winters in a small town on Buzzards Bay.

Tight as a Tick, by Toni Kelner
When North Carolina flea market vendor Carney Alexander is murdered with one of his own collectible knives, amateur detective Laura Fleming and her college professor husband work their way through a batch of colorful suspects.

Neptune’s Eye, by Paul Kemprecos, Paul
Commercial fisherman/private detective Aristotle “Soc” Socarides investigates a mysterious disappearance and a fishy death in the seal pool at the aquarium in Woods Hole.

Exiles on Main Street, by Leslie Kleinholz
Rock and roll writer Zoe Szabo trades in her career in LA to become a reporter in western Massachusetts. When she finds the body of a young Cambodian woman in a car in a seedy mall parking lot, she is drawn into a murder investigation.

Grace Point, by Ann LeClair
Zoe Barlow, living in an old house on Cape Cod, finds the skeletons of four infants hidden in hatboxes in her attic. Then her baby son disappears. In her search for her son, she uncovers a tale of murder, lust, and family secrets.

The Mysterious Cape Cod Manuscript, by Marie Lee
Retired school teacher Marguerite Smith’s ex-husband turns up dead and she becomes the prime suspect. Does a mysterious book hold the answer to the identity of the real killer?

Prayers for Rain, by Dennis Lehane
Why did Karen Nichols jump to her death from the top of the Boston Custom House? Hardboiled private eye Patrick Kenzie and partner Angie Gennaro investigate.

A Matter of Diamonds, by David Manuel
In the second of the Faith Abbey series, monk/sleuth Brother Bartholomew helps old boyhood friend Police Chief Dan Burke to investigate a Cape Cod murder.

Mail-Order Murder, by Leslie Meier
Lucy Stone of Tinkers Cove, Maine, working to make some extra cash for Christmas, finds her boss dead in the parking lot. The police call it suicide, but Lucy has other ideas, and sets out to prove them wrong.

Secrets of Code Z, by T. M. Murphy, Falmouth Author!
Young Orville Jacques is on to a fifth adventure in the village of Belltown (read Falmouth), Cape Cod. This episode involves a skeleton, killer bees, an exploding death powder, secret codes, the CIA and the KGB.

Friends and Enemies, by Susan Oleksiw
Small town New England police chief Joe Silva and loyal Sergeant Ken Dupoulis track down a murderer at the Mellingham High School class reunion.

A Scream on the Water: a True Story of Murder in Salem, by Margaret Press
Artist Martha Brailsford goes for a sail off Salem, Massachusetts, with her neighbor Tom Maimoni. She is never seen alive again turning up several days later when a lobsterman pulls up his traps.

False Testimony, by Rose Connors
The 4th legal mystery featuring Marty (Martha) Nickerson and Harry Madigan, confronting a pair of baffling cases. This novel features complex characters and a twisted plot. Marty’s client is a Massachusetts senator whose assistant has disappeared, and Harry is defending a young ex-con just out of the juvenile system.

A New Year’s Mystery, by Leslie Meier
In the 12th mystery in the series, journalist Lucy Stone travels from Maine to the glitzy world of fashion publishing in New York City. She and her daughter have won a fashion makeover contest, but the experience turns out to be deadly.

The Paperwhite Narcissus, by Cynthia Riggs
This is the fifth mystery in the Victoria Trumbull series set on Martha’s Vineyard. The nonagenarian sleuth finds herself investigating a series of murders after being fired from her job as a reporter on the local paper by the narcissistic editor.

Second Sight, by Philip Craig and William G. Tapply.
In this collaboration, the action unfolds on Martha’s Vineyard and features Craig’s longtime character “private eye” J.W. Jackson, and Tapply’s character Boston lawyer Brady Coyne. This mystery combines the tension and discord of the pop music scene, with idyllic glimpses of Vineyard life.