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Cape Cod In Fiction & Poetry

Abrahams, Peter. Revolution #9: a Thriller. 1992. (MYS)

Andrews, V. C.

Heart Song. 1997
Music in the Night. 1998.
Unfinished Symphony. 1997.

Arnold, Margaret. The Cape Cod Conundrum; a Penny Spring & Sir Toby Glendower Mystery. 1992, 1994. (MYS)

Bassett, Sara Ware. The Wayfarers at the Angel’s. 1917.

Boden, Clara Nickerson. The Cut of Her Jib. 1953.

Brooks, Paul Q. Rhymes for the Times. 1999. (811.5 Brooks)

Buckley, Andrew. The Bostoner. 1999.

Carlisle, Robert. Eye of the Glider: Shadow on Cape Cod. 1996. (811.5 Carlisle)

Carpenter, William. A Keeper of Sheep. 1994.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Remember Me. 1994.

Connors, Rose.

Absolute Certainty. 2002. (MYS)
Maximum Security. 2004. (MYS)
Temporary Sanity. 2003. (MYS)

Cook, Thomas H. The Chatham School Affair. 1996.(MYS)

Edwards, Eric. Black Apple; Prose Poems. 1994. (811.5 Edwards)

Hughes, Richard. Hazard Elimination, Inc.: Not to Die for. 2003.

Kemprecos, Paul.

Bluefin Blues; an Aristotle ‘Soc’ Socarides Mystery. 1997. ( MYS)
Feeding Frenzy; an Aristotle ‘Soc’ Socarides Mystery. 1993. (MYS)
Mayflower Murder; an Aristotle ‘Soc’ Socarides Mystery. 1996. (MYS)

Keyes, Langley. Cape Cod Passage: a History of the Cape in Verse. 1989. (811.5 Keyes)

Knowles, Kristin. Waitress: Adventures in Poetry. 1997. (811.5 Knowles)

Kramer, Peter. Spectacular Happiness. 2001.

Kunitz, Stanley.

The Collected Poems. 2000. (811.5 Kunitz)
Passing Through: the Later Poems. 1995. (811.5 Kunitz)

Lee, Marie.

The Curious Cape Cod Skull. 1995. (MYS)
The Fatal Cape Cod Funeral. 1996. (MYS)
The Mysterious Cape Cod Manuscript. 1997. (MYS)

Mailer, Norman. Tough Guys Don’t Dance. 2002, c1961. (MYS)

Mann, Alicja. A Cup of Sky: a Selection of Essays and Poems. 1991. (814.5 MAN)

Manuel, David. A Matter of Diamonds; a Faith Abbey Mystery. 2000. (MYS)

Martin, William. Cape Cod. 1991.

Masters, John. Trial at Monomoy. 1964.

Mathieson, Gordon. The Hyannis House. 2002. (MYS)

McCracken, Elizabeth. The Giant’s House; a Romance. 1996.

Michael, Robb. Sandcastles, Book One. 2000.

Miller, John, ed.. Cape Cod Stories: Tales from Cape Cod, Nantucket, & Martha’s Vineyard. 1996. (813.08 CAP)

Mitchard, Jacquelyn. Twelve Times Blessed. 2003.

Pease, Robert.

Dead Ahead; a Cape Cod Novel. 1994
Head in the Sand: Murder on Sandy Neck; a Novel. 1999. (MYS)
O. U. I.; a novel. 1993.

Peffer, Randall. Killing Neptune’s Daughter. 2004.

Piercy, Marge. Storm Tide. 1998

Seymour, Miranda. Summer of ’39. 1999.

Skillings, R. D. How Many Die. 2001.

Smolens, John. Angel’s Head; a Novel of Suspense. 1994. (MYS)

Taylor, Phoebe Atwood.

Banbury Bog: an Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery. 1987, c1966. (MYS)
Criminal C.O.D.; an Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery. 1988. (MYS)
Death Lights a Candle; an Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery. 1989, c1932. (MYS)
Going, Going Gone; an Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery. 1990, c1943. (MYS)
Sandbar Sinister; an Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery. 1962, c1934. (MYS)

Van Dine, Lynn. The Search for Peter Hunt. 2003.