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Summer Reading

There are three schools of thought on summer reading:

I. Read the books assigned by the school, no more, no less.

II. Read everything that interests you, whether it’s comic books, mystery novels, picture books, the whole Harry Potter series for the fifth time, how-to books, or informational books.

III. Summer reading? Are you kidding? I’m on vacation!

As a children’s librarian and a mother, I have always held to the middle option: read everything that interests you. We advocate, celebrate, and facilitate reading for the sheer joy of it here in the Children’s Room at the Falmouth Public Library, and there’s nothing I like better than helping someone find that perfect book to read under the covers by flashlight.

However. School summer reading assignments happen. And some kids would rather belly-flop into frigid water on a cold rainy day than read a book.

Handout from reading advocate Jim Trelease on The Importance of Summer Reading

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So if you’re looking for a summer reading title, use the links below. If you are looking for a book to read in the hammock, in the treehouse, or under the sheets with a flashlight, just ask us. We’ll do our best to help you find one. Or three.

Laura Ford
Children’s Librarian, M.Ed., MLIS
Falmouth Public Library

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