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The adaptive unconscious, thin slicing, and “mind reading” were some of the subjects that we discussed in the September Narrative Non-Fiction Book Group discussion as we reviewed the pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: the Power of Thinking Without ThinkingBlink is book about “rapid cognition” or what is commonly known as “snap judgment” or “snap decision making.” This type of thinking is the type that many people engage in when they walk into someone’s home for the first and make an assessment of that person’s life, or when “a first impression” is made when meeting someone. Gladwell describes some of the draw backs to rapid cognition, as well as how to take advantage of it. Gladwell has a career in journalism and has worked in several publications including The Washington Post and New Yorker.

The book group loved Blink, we all found it to be an interesting and very entertaining read.  Gladwell backs up his ideas in the book with stories, mainly taken from the press, to illustrate the ideas in action.  Many group members wondered if they were at times practicing some of the ideas discussed in the group, and many found themselves thinking about their thoughts more.  The book was so well received that we discussed choosing another book by the author for the group to read sometime in the future.  If one is looking for a fascinating non-fiction book to read, then the Falmouth Public Library’s non-fiction book club highly recommends Blink.

The book club is always looking for new members, so if you’re interested in joining please stop by the reference desk to pick up a copy of the next book and come to the discussion on the first Friday of every mouth at 10 AM at the Falmouth Library. Remember the group meets only one day a month, if you blink you just might miss it

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