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Susan Varga—Painter and Potter

New art exhibit at the library!

“I am a painter and a ceramic artist, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. From my early childhood, I loved to draw, paint and sculpt. I studied at the University of Architecture in Budapest, Hungary, and then moved to New York City, where I received a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University.  Working in the New York office of the historically prominent architect, Marcel Breuer, I eventually found my interests and directed my energies more to painting and ceramics. I moved to Boston, and completed a Master’s Degree in Art Education and Ceramics at the Massachusetts College of Art. I taught art in the Newton Public School System for 25 years. My enthusiastic students learned all different media: drawing, painting, clay sculpture construction. After retirement, I was able to concentrate on my own art: drawing, painting and ceramics.” Susan has a summer home in Falmouth.

Old Ladies of the Harbor
In my new works I have been interested in capturing images of old fishing vessels. What fascinates me in these is the geometry and complexity of their forms. The paintings have solidity, structure that originates from my architectural back round. The details fill every inch of the canvas. The different parts of the boats’ functions are not known to me. Words such as “tiller, keel, stays, masts,” mean nothing for me. Their only function is to create an endless variety of patterns, shapes and colors.

Each painting originates from observation of boats, but each one is very different from the next. I frame the image close up, zooming in on the details, using the many parts of the whole. The 24"/24" format and the double edge canvas allows the paintings to over flow, go off the edges and wrap around the canvas. In this way, the paintings become more abstract, flattening the three dimensional objects into two dimensions.

Want to know more? Try susanvarga.net

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1. Istvan Steven Varga | Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm

It is my wife of 40 years that donated to the Library the 3 beautiful pieces of her ceramics, that are exhibited in the glass showcase here. I witnessed her grows in her art making from the start.
Her originality combined with her roots in the Hungarian culture is what is evident in her work.

Because we love Falmouth, we wanted its people to share her work with the people who attend this
Beautiful library.

Steven Varga

2. Marie Kalson | Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 7:51 am

Susan, would love to be in touch with you. are you still in Woban? And, of course, with Istvan? I love all the lovely ceramics and other works of art you have done. Will try to get to your next exhibit if I can


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