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This blog was written by Ryan Carey, aka “Library Man”:

During the first Friday morning of every month a sort of “secret society” meets in the lower level of the Falmouth Public Library between the hours of ten and eleven, no earlier, no later. This “mysterious” group meets to discuss knowledge, wisdom, history, philosophy, science as well as every other conceivable and inconceivable subject. Sometimes this knowledge can be of an esoteric kind. Sometimes this knowledge can be of the “forbidden” kind.  The name of this hidden and eclectic club:  The Falmouth Public Library Narrative Nonfiction Book Club.  Here is another secret: Anyone can join! Including you reader…of this… bunch of words…arranged in sentences…and paragraphs.

The Group last met the first Friday after Halloween, The Day of the dead in Mexico. Let that fact sink in, it’s important. Given the time of year, we discussed “Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife” by freelance writer Mary Roach. The book attempts to explore the history of science’s search for the human (and sometimes non-human) soul. Some book titles don’t lie. From reincarnation and biology to mediums and E.V.P. recordings the author takes the reader on a trip across space and time (a.k.a. space-time for you Einstein fans out there) to examine the various techniques used throughout history’s quest to find the afterlife.

Does this frighten you? Well it shouldn’t, the club found “Spook” surprisingly funny and incredibly entertaining. We loved the authors writing style. In fact one member compared Mary Roach to Mark Twain. Several members wrote down some of Roach’s funnier and memorable quotes to share with the rest of the group. We even shared some of our own supernatural experiences in life. The club, in seeking out “Spook,” was looking for a scary book and got a funny book; an enlightening book and got an entertaining book; looking for a good book and got a great book.  Roach is known for her interest in fringe subjects and the taboo. To gentlemen looking to read the book, if you are faint of heart (like me), then you may want to avoid the chapter on ectoplasm.  I wish I had. 

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