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Periodical Profile:  Organic Gardening

Spring is coming, really! Are you planting a garden this year?  No matter what stage you are in – just dreaming about it or sprouting seeds inside, Organic Gardening magazine will provide you with inspiration and reliable advice for growing a bountiful one. 

Organic food, while it is rapidly gaining in popularity as we become more active about protecting the health of our planet and ourselves, is not a recent fad.  The word “organic” has been part of this venerable magazine’s title since it began publication in 1942!  In fact, J. I. Rodale, the magazine’s founder and publisher, is credited on the Rodale Publishing website with starting the organic movement with the introduction of this magazine. (Click the link to read the Rodale Story which is very interesting.) The magazine was first named Organic Gardening and Farming, then simplified to Organic Gardening in 1978 and for a three year period beginning in 1985, was called Rodale’s Organic Gardening.  Since then, it has been known as Organic Gardening, or O G.  Since it is informative and thorough about all aspects of growing without pesticides, it is a classic gardening magazine, loved by gardeners of all colors, and a staple in public libraries.

What with our need to conserve water in Falmouth, you may be interested in reading a feature article in the current issue (April/May, 2011, p. 46) about lawn substitutes: sedges, moss, clover and others, that require little or no water and mowing.  Another feature article, “Raising Potatoes,” (p.40) discusses 7 different ways to grow them with the pros and cons of each method explained.  Regular departments include: “Design Like a Pro,” “Skills & Abilities,” “Flower Power,” Provident Cook,” “Ask Organic Gardening,” and other columns that together provide a wide variety of information related to organic living from growing, to eating, to enjoying.

We keep one year’s worth of back issues available in the library for you to check out.  In addition to that, we provide electronic access to articles dating back to January, 1995 via our ELibrary database.  Unfortunately, there are no photographs in the electronic version, but you can access the database from home, as well as in the library, and print out your own copy of the article for future reference, which is a plus!  To get to any of our 40+ databases, go to our homepage and click on the database link, which is next to the blog link you clicked to get here.  Spring will be here soon.  Check out Organic Gardening and turn over a new leaf.

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