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Periodical Profile:  Bicycling

In our periodical collection we have many magazines about hobbies and recreational activities to help you enjoy your leisure time, such as Automobile, Bead and Button, Boating World, Canoe and Kayak, Coins, Cooking Light, Cross Country Skier and Cruising World, to list only a few of the titles that begin with “A,” “B” or “C”.  Among those are Bicycling, “the world’s leading bike magazine,” published by Rodale. 

Maybe Rodale rings a bell with you.  I blogged about Organic Gardening magazine recently, which was founded by Mr. J. I. Rodale in 1942.  After he established himself in the publishing business with Organic Gardening, Rodale went on to publish more and more magazine and book titles, all of which have to do with health and fitness:  Prevention magazine (1950), Runner’s World magazine (1966), Men’s Health magazine (1988), The South Beach Diet book (2003), Women’s Health magazine (2005), An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore (2006) and Eat This Not That (2007).  We have most of these titles, plus other Rodale publications in our collection.

But I digress; I really wanted to let you know about Bicycling magazine, which began publication in 1963, by the way, three years before Runner’s World.  Rodale says on their website, “Bicycling … connects with millions of active, affluent professionals for whom cycling is the centerpiece of a vibrant, experiential lifestyle. Bicycling’s unique combination of travel, gear, fitness, style and award-winning stories—all surrounded by vivid photography and framed in elegant design—brings the sport to life for passionate readers who take us along for every ride.”

Are you considering buying a new bicycle?  Since nearly all of bicycles here cost more than my first car, you should do your homework and read the April issue – the annual buying guide.  It is on the shelf now for in-library use.  It can be checked out when the May issue arrives. The buying guide reviews 126 best new bikes for road, mountain, commuter and triathlon.  Accessories like shoes, pedals, helmets, lights, clothing and more are reviewed too.  Not to be overlooked,is the opportunity to win any bike in this issue, under $5,000!  I especially appreciate a short article in the back that gives in depth advice about how to test drive a bike and the column in which bicycling jargon is defined for newbies.  In this article you can get good answers to these questions and more:  “What is anti-squat?” “What is BB30?” “Do I need a bike fit?” “How wide should my handlebar be?” and “What is monocoque construction?” I won’t spoil the excitement. You can find the answers on pages 114-115 of the April issue.

If you are looking for a bike, a place to ride, clothing to wear, accessories to smooth the way, sound advice on maintenance and knowledgeable reviews for bicycling products, as well as good writing, fine photography and style, check out Bicycling magazine.  As always, back issues are under/behind the shelf, and they can be checked out.  Happy trails!

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