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Some recent additions to our collection:

Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia-New Edition, 2013

First published in 1998, Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia has been “hailed as the most accessible and authoritative antiques reference book ever.” Published in seven languages, it has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. An extensive glossary helps antiques enthusiasts as well as experienced sellers and collectors.
Coverage includes a number of areas: furniture, ceramics, silver and glass. Specialty subjects such as jewelry, scientific and medical equipment, Oriental art and sporting memorabilia are also included.  These main subject areas are further divided by geographic location, and further still by country, center of production, factory and maker.
Each main topic is introduced with a brief summary. Running headings give the chapter heading for left hand page. The right hand page shows which subsection is featured.  Many color illustrations more than 1450 are representative of items found at auction, dealers and fairs.
Captions may include tips on collecting as well as dates, dimensions and the value codes.
Feature Boxes examine a particularly important aspect of a subject such as the history of a style, a notable and definable feature, or the influence of a celebrated maker.
Green tinted boxes highlight” Key Facts” and often show important marks and signatures. Cross references refer the reader to related sections or topics.
Value Codes are used at the end of each caption to indicate the approximate value of the item.  The publisher notes that “these are broad price ranges and should only be seen as a guide to the value of a piece.” The codes run from A under $160 to U $1,600,000+ (Prices are also listed in pounds sterling.)
A Cape Cod example of an item in the encyclopedia:

Pressed Glass ( Running heading) Mould-blown/Pressed Glass (Subsection)


The invention and development of mould pressing c. 1820 revolutionized glass manufacture; previously an exclusive and highly priced commodity, decorative glass became accessible to all. The technique involved pressing a gather of molten glass into a metal mould using a plunger. When the glass is cooled, the mould was opened and any excess glass was removed by hand.
North America

The most important pressed-glass manufacturer in North America was the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. (1826-88), founded by Deming Jarves (1790-1869) in Sandwich Massachusetts.The firm produced inexpensive pressed-glass tableware in “lacy” glass with intricate stipples designs that resemble lace and covered the flaws caused by the pressing process; wares included table services and a range of coloured glassware.
(The article on page 283 continues with various examples and descriptions)

Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia can be found in the Reference Department Call # REF 745.1 MIL 2013

Barron’s Guides

Founded in 1941, Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. rapidly became America’s leading publisher of test preparation manuals and school directories. In recent years, Barron’s has expanded into many other publishing fields, introducing extensive lines of children’s books, foreign language learning books and CDs, pet care manuals, gift books, cookbooks, business and financial advice books. On average, Barron’s publishes more than 300 new titles a year and maintains an extensive backlist of well over 2,000 titles.

New additions to our collection include:

Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms- 11th ed. by Douglas Downing etal

More than 3,200 terms defined and explained, many with helpful illustrations and tables.
Practical guide for business and software users includes information on computer security law and ethics.  New material on Windows, Mac OS X , iOS, tablets, digital photography and audio,, social networking, Linux, mobile devices, and latest developments.

Dictionary of Insurance Terms- 6th ed. by Harvey W. Rubin

Clearly defined: 4500 key terms that apply to life, health, property, casualty, home owners’. tenants’ and professional liability.  A handy quick reference for agents, brokers, actuaries, underwriters and consumers in the market for insurance protection.

Dictionary of Banking Terms – 6th ed. By Thomas P. Finch
An indispensable reference for banking and finance professionals, students, business owners and consumers. Has more than 3,000 key terms related to banking, electronic commerce, finance and money management and legal regulations defined clearly and concisely.

Dictionary of Accounting Terms
-5th ed. By Jae K. Shim and Joel Siegel

More than 2,000 accounting, auditing, compliance, cost management and tax-related terms defined. A quick reference guide for students, business owners and department managers.

Dictionary of Business and Economics Terms -5th ed. By Jack P. Friedman

Approximately 8,000 definitions of key terms used in the world of business, finance and economics.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms – 8th ed. by John Downes and Jordan Elliot Goodman

Covers stocks and bonds, banking, corporate finance, tax law, mutual funds and more.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms -8th ed. by Jack P. Friedman etal

Approximately 3,00 terms with concise definitions and examples cover real estate topics from A to Z: appraisal, architecture, brokerage……zoning and many more. 200 line illustrations, graphs, charts and tables. A quick reference guide for home buyers and sellers, etc.

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