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Mystery Notes in the Library

Today’s blog entry comes to us from Donna Skinner, one of our children’s room librarians:

“If you’ve come across any handwritten notes on lavender paper while browsing books in the last week, that was the work of the Read Around the World Book Group for ages five to eight. We have been meeting weekly all summer long reading folktales that span the globe. This past week we read The Greatest Treasure by Demi, a Chinese folktale. In this story, a wealthy man and a poor man live very different lives, and we see how this changes with the gifts they give each other. We discussed the story and came to the conclusion that the simple things in life are the greatest treasures.

After our discussion, we made little cards to hide around in the adult department for fellow readers to find. You may have found a card with a seashell encouraging you to take a walk on the beach, or with a brand-new pencil with the suggestion to write a letter to a friend. The book club participants enjoyed this activity, it feels good to do something nice, and it’s really fun to sneak around while hiding things! We hope you were a lucky recipient of one of these special packages. If you were not, we will leave you with a proverb from the book we read:

Gold and silver have their price, but peace and happiness are priceless.”

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