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Library clock has returned!

The Falmouth Library’s clock is back on the wall next to the Service Desk.  The clock was manufactured by E. Howard & Company of Boston in 1902.  It is a #70 wall clock according to The Book of American Clocks by Brooks Palmer.  After thorough research by the library’s reference department librarians, Jill Erickson and Faith Lee, it was discovered in the Falmouth Library’s Board of Trustees meeting notes from 1902 that the conversation to purchase a clock was started.  We are not positive that they were discussing this clock since there is no further discussion recorded in the meeting notes.

The library’s beautiful clock keeps perfect time and is known as an eight day clock. For those who have never wound a clock the winding raises the iron weight inside and gradually over eight days the weight slowly falls inside.  The gears inside were manufactured with precision and over 100 years later the clock is operating pretty much as it has since it was first placed on the wall.

I have been assigned the duty of winding the clock.  So my job duties now include everything wired, wireless and winding.  Special thanks to Bruce Reid from Clock Repair Cape Cod in Chatham for inspection and maintenance of the clock and finding a new winding key.

Next time you are in the library checking out a book - look up.

Peter Cook, Information Systems

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