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Lawrence School Poetry Slam!

On May 23, Lawrence School’s annual Poetry Slam was held in the Hermann Meeting Room of the Falmouth Public Library, hosted by freshmen and former winners Ruth Fuller and Becky Hopkins.  This event is much looked forward to every year. Teachers, friends, and family of all ages come to watch the talented poets of Lawrence School.  This year, there were sixty-five original poems performed, of which fifteen earned prizes donated by the Friends of The Falmouth Public Library and anonymous supporters of the Lawrence Poetry Slam. (See photos on Falmouth Public Library’s Facebook page.)

There was a great range in the style and subject of each poem.  Many had the audience laughing, such as Brennan Mclntyre’s “Clean Your Room,” for which he earned first place! Brennan’s poem was presented with confidence and written cleverly.  Matthew Liebkemann and Nick Kinsella’s sixth place duet “Choices” was both humorous and inspirational, about a highschool dropout and a valedictorian, and how students’ choices affect their future. Many poems also had the audience holding back tears, with topics like bullying, self-image, and harmful relationships.  Lexi Nawrocki’s poem “Words” was extremely powerful and made listeners think again before saying something harmful.  Lexi’s poem earned fifth place.  Both Taylor Keith’s and Elizabeth Bressoud’s poems about personal disappointments were heart wrenching.  Slamming poetry is often considered therapeutic, because it is a way to express emotion and share it in a healthy way. Regardless of topic, the poems of this year’s Lawrence Poetry Slam were very well written and executed.

Poems are judged based on the depth and quality of writing as well as their performance.  Judges Becky Kirk, Eva McNamara, Maribeth Deasy, Katie Dombrowski, and Maggie Kraus scored the students on a scale of one to ten after each performance.  At the end of the Poetry Slam the winners were announced, including a five-way tie for ninth place.  First place went to Brennan McIntyre, second to Kalyn Oliveira, and third to Olivia McKnight.  Victoria Putnam, Lexi Nawrocki, Nick Kinsella and Matthew Liebkemann, Jordan Gonsalves, Youlanda Massey, Lindsay Shea, Jacob Athamni, Beth Buckley, Mason Drummey, Mia Bluestein, Liam Dutra, and Christopher Parkinson followed.

The annual Lawrence School Poetry Slam is always a wonderful event, whether you come to participate or watch, and this year was no exception.  It gives students a chance to express themselves and have fun in a friendly environment, as well as the chance to earn some prizes for their work.  Audience members get to experience the emotion and talent of the students of Lawrence.  The annual Poetry Slam is definitely worth seeing.

Written by Emily Wright, an eighth grader at the Lawrence School.

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