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Kindles & Texting & Bears, Oh My!

It has been a pretty busy press week for the Falmouth Public Library. All good press I’m happy to report! Brent Runyon at the Falmouth Enterprise started the ball rolling last Friday with his story featuring e-books at the library. Then our library director, Leslie Morrissey, appeared on The Point with Mindy Todd yesterday talking about library technology. You can hear the podcast here. And much to my surprise, I was the cover girl on this weeks The Bulletin, thanks to a story written by Sarah Murphy. The gist of all of these stories and interviews were how public libraries are thriving in a digital age. As I say in The Bulletin:

“You just have to go with the flow. We’re becoming technology wizards here at the library because we have to.”

And while sometimes we feel like junior wizards because the technology changes so quickly, it definitely ensures that a day in the library is never, ever dull. I’ve been at the Falmouth Public Library for just over twenty years, and I am the first to say that the world of the library has changed dramatically since my first day in Falmouth. This creates huge challenges, but also huge opportunities to make the best use of the technology that we can. It can be overwhelming, but it also is a pleasure when we can find a short story or a magazine article or an address or a recipe that we never would have found without the technology. E-readers are just one more step in the path, and it is too soon to say if they will continue to be a growth industry, but what I can tell you is that whatever might come next the Falmouth Public Library will do our best to keep up with what our community needs.

For me, I’m still more than happy with a paper book (preferably with acid-free paper), but I can certainly appreciate the desire of others to read on a device, whatever that device might be! And, yes, you can text the Reference Department with your questions (which came up a couple of times this week), and yes the Children’s Room has some wonderful new picture books on bears!

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