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It’s Database Friday!


So you need a quick copy of the Declaration of Independence? You want a reliable source, not one that anyone in the world can change the wording on? Try our on-line database of the World Book Encyclopedia! All twenty-two volumes right at your fingertips! There is even World Book Kids which has suggestions for activities (in case in happens to be raining on the Fourth of July). There are things to make (how to freeze cream ... thus making ice cream in a bag), art projects (how to make print blocks), or even a perfect Fourth of July project ... instructions on how to make a balloon rocket! All available by clicking on databases from our home page, then clicking on World Book, and then entering your Falmouth library card number (which you’ll find on the back of your library card)!

Of course, you’ll also find all the things you normally find in an encyclopedia ... reliable information put together by writers and editors who have verified their research. (Reference librarians really, really like verified information!) But don’t miss my new favorite piece of the on-line World Book ... World Book Encyclopedia’s Cyber Camp! You’ll find directions to a nature walk, mindbender cave, dining hall, and the craft center! (All to be found if you click student activities and then click cyber camp) Imagine that a cyber camp that offers a summer’s worth of facts, fun, crafts, and activities for kids! Give it a try! And if you have trouble finding anything, just call, e-mail, or chat on-line with the reference librarians!

By the way today’s photo really has nothing to do with today’s database, I just loved the photo which I took yesterday afternoon just as this father and his two sons were putting in the last piece of this week’s jigsaw puzzle. What I DID discover in the on-line version of The World Book is that the jigsaw puzzle has been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame! This is why I’m a reference librarian ... I just love knowing this stuff! Have a great Fourth!

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