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Hurricane Sandy Update from the Town Manager

After Hurricane

-Tuesday, October 30 10:00AM

Falmouth, MA

The major impacts of Hurricane Sandy have now passed. The local emergency is now behind us. It appears that overnight the Town fared considerably better than projections had anticipated. From a high estimated at 40-50% of the Town’s homes and businesses without power in the major portion of the storm, NStar indicates that this number has dropped to approximately 5,000 homes with more being restored throughout the day today. The Town has now closed its Falmouth Shelter at the high school, which was able to accommodate eight individuals overnight during the height of the storm. The Town’s Emergency Operations Center will be closing operations as of late this morning. Residents are invited to direct all inquiries or issues to the more “normal” locations of Town Hall, police, fire, public works and related Town offices. Town Hall and Town administrative offices continued to operate during all normal business hours on both Monday and today to provide all necessary support and assistance to residents during Hurricane Sandy. We greatly appreciate the excellent assistance and support provided by all Town employees and our colleagues in the School department during this emergency.

Much storm cleanup work lies ahead, particularly clearing away trees, limbs, brush and related storm-driven debris blocking Town roadways. We are working in concert with NStar crews in this debris removal to facilitate the timely restoration of electric power by NStar to Falmouth homes and businesses. We ask that all residents continue to exercise the utmost caution in walking and driving through the community to note and report any downed wires which are encountered, while absolutely avoiding any direct contact with any wires. Please assume that any wires which are encountered are “live” and dangerous and act accordingly. We are advised that yet today the waste removal crews will finish picking up Monday’s remaining trash and also Tuesday’s trash as well. Tomorrow (Wednesday), trash pick-up will return to its normal schedule.

In closure, I want to thank all residents and businesses for their assistance and cooperation during this major emergency storm event. We continue to appreciate your patience and understanding as we move forward to restore all infrastructure within the Falmouth community. We remain at your service and we hope that you and your families are all safe.

Julian M. Suso, Falmouth Town Manager

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