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April 25, 2008

Today we are celebrating FIVE years in our “newly” renovated building. We hope you’ll stop in today and eat some cake! Let us know what you most love about the renovated library!  Little did I know, five years ago, that we would not only have a newly renovated building, but that the entire world of reference would be shifting under our feet every day. Just over the last five years we have added not only a blog, but a flickr feed, a youtube page, twitter, facebook, and text a librarian, all so that we could better communicate with YOU. Never could I have imagined the transformation of reference, and while we still have a substantial book collection, we increasingly use the best resources we can find on the web to help answer your questions. I once heard another librarian say that “google is good enough” for most people, and it chilled my bones, and I maintain there is nothing like communicating with a real person to get an answer to your question. We never want just “good enough”, we want the best answer we can find.

One of our most regular phone patrons is a lovely woman who is quite elderly, but full of questions. For me she is my link to the Ready Reference that used to be such a big part of our day at the Reference Desk prior to the invention of the Internet, but that now barely exists. It was such a sweet thing to have people call us with questions about spelling and grammar and congressional addresses or the time the sun would set on a particular day or when a tide would be high. Someone would need a recipe, and tell us we had saved their lives when we found the right cookbook on the shelf with the right recipe. It all seems sort of unbelievable now to those that have grown up searching the web for answers, no matter how wrong those answers might be.

So now here is a little look back at the first blog entry I wrote on April 25, 2008 for the library blog:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore!”
Comment heard at the newly renovated Falmouth Public Library.

We are overjoyed with our new building, and decided it was time to add to our joy with a brand new web page. We hope that you find the new page easier to navigate, and that you’ll subscribe to our newsletter as well, which will deliver our weekly Happenings column right to your mailbox! The staff of the Falmouth Public Library are new to the world of blogging, but we hope we’ll now have a place to inform you of all the amazing things that are happening in our amazing new building. We’ll be telling you about programs, books, databases, and stories of our new building. If you have any stories you want to share with us about your time in the new building, just send us an email at .  We feel like we have indeed entered into Oz, and are happy to discover when we look out the windows that Oz looks a whole lot like Falmouth!

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