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What’s up with LYNDA?

Have you tried our newest database: Lynda.com ??  Actually, it’s a lot more than a database – it’s more like an online university. Like a university, the courses offered are geared to varied levels of experience and expertise. The selection and scope are amazing!  Best of all, the courses are all FREE of charge through the generous support of the…

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Friday Reads:  “The Grave Tattoo” by Val McDermid

This week, I’ll shine a spotlight on an atmospheric mystery set in the English Lake District recommended by Falmouth Public Library Reference Librarian, Donna B.  “Danger lurks” in The Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid, warns Donna.  Read it if you dare.

The publisher’s summary:  “After torrential summer rains uncover a bizarrely tattooed…

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REFERENCE RESOURCE:  Nursing Drug Handbook REF 615.1 NUR

What’s the best known resource for prescription drug information?  It’s the great big PDR—remarkable for its chemical diagrams and drug company information, but not very helpful for practical use.  Why do I say this? The back-story: for 22 years I was a Reference Librarian at CCCC, which has a well-respected RN program. Nurse’s training does not lead to an ivory…

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Website Wednesday: The William Brewster Nickerson Cape Cod History Archives

Are you familiar with the Nickerson Archives at Cape Cod Community College? If not, you’ll want to head over to their newly renovated website, which features stories on the Cape Cod Canal Centennial Celebration 1914-2014, the Robert Minshall Scrimshaw Collection, and the

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Friday Reads:  “Trapped Under the Sea” by Neil Swidey

The Narrative Nonfiction Book Club discussed this book recently and many people raved about it.  They said it was so well written that the complex story, that could have been bogged down with boring details, instead, was crafted into a rich narrative that explained things clearly and kept them turning the pages … in some cases, well past midnight.  One…

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Website Wednesday: Jbrary!


Here’s a tip from the head of our Children’s Department, Laura Ford, .. jbrary. What’s jbrary? Here’s what they say:

“Jbrary is a collection of storytime resources for youth services librarians, early childhood educators, teachers, caregivers, and anyone else serving children.  Our YouTube channel features songs, rhymes, and fingerplays you can use in…

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Reference Resource Tuesday: The Supreme Court: Controversies, Cases and Characters REF 347.7326 SUP

The United States Supreme Court is the only branch of the Federal Government that is entirely appointed (but, elected officials do have the final say on appointments).  This branch interprets how the laws passed by Congress will be carried out.  Sometimes decisions go unnoticed by the general public, but other times their decisions make the front page news . .…

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The Reference Collection is not just for highbrow intellectual pursuits.  Just this week, I was looking at the crank-out casement windows in my kitchen. They are wood framed and double paned, but the seal is broken, so they are clouded with water vapor.  It’s time to replace them. Rather than wander around a big-box store, I did some research in…

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