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Friday Reads:  In the Plex by Steven Levy

Google has a reputation for keeping key business strategies close to the vest, for having an eccentric and creative culture at the work place and for being omnipresent around much of the globe.  It has spawned the phrase “Google era” for the way it has changed the way people think about and consume information.  As a result, countless articles and…

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Reference Resource:  FACTS ABOUT THE PRESIDENTS.  REF 923.173 KAN

Watching the new Ken Burns PBS film series on the Roosevelts made me curious . . .  so I went to the shelf for an old friend Facts about the Presidents the (still) one-volume compendium with all the basic information on each American president:  election particulars, info on the vice president, cabinet, congressional sessions, and any extraordinary events that occurred…

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Kurt Vonnegut Day on The Point with Mindy Todd!

This morning on The Point with Mindy Todd, Melanie Lauwers, Jill Erickson, and Lucy Loomis had their first show on a single author! That author was Cape Cod’s own Kurt Vonnegut. Information on the Sturgis Library’s weekend-long celebration of the life and writings of Kurt Vonnegut can be found

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Friday Reads: The Butcher Boy, by Patrick McCabe

Are you ready for a dark, disturbing tale with a touch of humor, one that reveals the gritty, dysfunctional childhood of an Irish lad? If you can take the violent events and mental illness described in Irish vernacular by young Francie Brady, the 12-year-old narrator, you will be rewarded by the brilliant writing of Patrick McCabe in…

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Reference Resource:  Encyclopedia of Invasive Species.  2 Vols.  REF 578.62 WOO

We’ve all read about (and seen damage caused by) Hemlock Woolly Adelgid . . . which is an insect, by the way.  And how about the Gypsy Moth, the Mute Swan, and Oriental Bittersweet?  The Encyclopedia of Invasive Species consists of two volumes: Volume 1 – Animals pages 1-310, and Volume 2 – Plants, pages 320-764.  The complete Table of…

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Friday Reads:  Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris

This week I’m doing an about-face from my last blog in which I discussed, Crazy for You, the fun Jennifer Crusie romance.  You can expect a variety of high quality books on just about any topic in “Friday Reads”.  This week I want to share with you

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An Hours Survey!

Please take a moment to fill out our hours survey, here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NL9X597

The basic question is: Should the Falmouth Public Library, East Falmouth Branch and North Falmouth Branch add extra hours? What we are trying to determine is some idea as to what hours will be best for you if we are able…

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Website Wednesday: Mass Center for the Book Reading Guides

I had the great pleasure of being a judge for the Massachusetts Book Awards poetry prize last year. My fellow judges and I had the joy of reading piles of poetry, and ended up with both a winner and five runner ups. I’m delighted to say that we even had an entry from a Falmouth poet!…

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