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Friday Reads: My Brother’s Book by Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, whom the New York Times called, “the most important children’s book artist of the 20th century,” published another picture book a year after his death, titled My Brother’s Book.  Only this short, illustrated tale is not for children.  Based on Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale,” Sendak has written this as a kind of love poem…

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What’s LYNDA.com all about?

The database Lynda.com was developed to help you learn the skills you need to achieve the full potential of your talents. Generous support from the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library has made this unique learning / doing powerhouse available to Falmouth library users.  Some of the general topics are Photography, Photoshop, Web, 3-D & Animation, Audio, Video, Business, Microsoft,…

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Website Wednesday: Mysteries of Vernacular

Perhaps because it is the last Wednesday in August, I am sharing one of my favorite websites about language. It is not exactly a reference tool, and yet you will learn lots of things about words. I stumbled upon Mysteries of Vernacular, and think the best way to uncover the charms of this website is to…

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Young Adult Novels for Adults on The Point with Mindy Todd


What a great time we had this morning on The Point with Mindy Todd talking about young adult novels that are great for adult readers as well! Thanks to so many of you for sharing all of your YA suggestions! Below is the list of books mentioned by Melanie and Jill, as well as…

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Reference Resource:  Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance.  REF 331.702 ENC Vol. 1-5

For anyone tackling a career decision – starting out or considering a change – the place to start your search is Ferguson’s Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance.  This 5-volume resource provides a great deal more than simple job descriptions and salaries.

Volume 1 begins with general Career Guidance, covering the process of entering the world…

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Friday Reads:  The Nature of Cape Cod

This little book by Beth Schwarzman is not getting the attention it deserves.  Full of interesting and well presented information about the geology, flora and fauna of Cape Cod, it is a wonderful guide book for the local Cape Codder and visitor alike.  But sadly, the book’s plain green cloth cover and worn title on the spine cause it to…

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Website Wednesday: The Index to Fine Homebuilding

Sometimes it is the specificity of a website that makes it a winner. One such website winner is Taunton’s Fine Homebuilding.  This index does one thing and one thing only, it indexes every issue there ever was of Fine Homebuilding magazine. Here’s how they explain their online index:

“Here’s the place to search for…

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Reference Resource Tuesday: NEW YORK TIMES INDEX.  REF 070 NEW 1851-2013

The New York Times is regarded as the “newspaper of record” here in the USA, with its self-imposed responsibility of providing comprehensive coverage of all types of news.  But in this age of iphones and tablets, most folks forget about the best way to retrieve past stories.  Everyone thinks that they can just “google” an important event, or use an…

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