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October 2013

Books About War on The Point with Mindy Todd

This morning on The Point with Mindy Todd we were discussing books on war. Thanks to so many of you who called or e-mailed us with your listener suggestions!

Mindy’s Picks

Bunker Hill: a city a siege, a revolution by…

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Here’s a reference question for you …

Every so often we get a really interesting reference question that leads us down divergent paths while we seek out a complete answer.  I got one of those multi-faceted questions this week, which like most, began with a simple sentence.  Here’s what transpired.

Man at the reference desk holding an old book: What does DUX FOEMINA FACTI mean? …

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Barnstable County Atlas, 1910, now online!

We are really tickled to learn about a new resource today and want to share the exciting news:  The State Library has scanned many of their old real estate atlases and posted them online for the public to view, and one of them is the Barnstable County Atlas, published in 1910! The Falmouth Public Library also…

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October Meeting of the Narrative Nonfiction Book Club

October begins our new six-month session in the Narrative Nonfiction Book Club.  On the 4th, we started off stealthily, discussing Agent Garbo:  the brilliant, eccentric secret agent who tricked Hitler and saved D-Day by Stephan Talty.  There are several books on espionage during…

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Typerwriters (in the 21st century)

I love typewriters. (Regular blog readers might recall that I love handwritten letters as well.) I love typewriters so much that I actually own three of them. One of them is a manual typewriter that I have used to type many letters and papers, including my senior project at Bard College: When the Hand That Penned it…

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