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October 2012

Happy Halloween!

We keep restocking our Halloween film selection as fast as we can!

We hope you have power, but if you know anyone who still doesn’t have power, please let them know that we do! If they need some company, some lights, some wireless, or a computer. (Although there will probably be a wait for…

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Main Library is open today - Tues., Oct. 30th

We are open our regular hours today - 1 PM to 8:30 PM.  Our Internet and power is on.

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Libraries CLOSED due to Hurricane Sandy

Just another reminder that the library will be closed today, October 29th, due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe. And remember, great opportunity to read paper books if the electricity goes off!

And keep an eye on the town’s web page for updates: http://www.falmouthmass.us/

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The Point with Mindy Todd, Books on Writing

This morning Mindy, Melanie, and I talked about books about writing. This will be an extra long list of books because I want to include a list of what have become classics, which we really didn’t talk about (other than Strunk & White) and include the list of books for which we didn’t have time. We are always amazed at…

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The CLAMS APP has arrived!

Breaking news from the CLAMS office!

“Our App is officially available in the iTunes store, so we are “formally” launched.  The OPAC and the CLAMS home page have been updated with links to the App. Those links include all the possible mobile formats that Boopsie provided.”

Here is the link to all the possible APPS

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The latest Narrative Nonfiction Reading

The adaptive unconscious, thin slicing, and “mind reading” were some of the subjects that we discussed in the September Narrative Non-Fiction Book Group discussion as we reviewed the pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: the Power of Thinking Without ThinkingBlink is book about “rapid cognition” or what is commonly known as…

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Just the Facts, Please!

It’s Election Year!  The hype, the hoopla – the “he said,” “she said” – the exaggeration, accusations, the denials.  Are you fed up yet?  How do you find out the truth? There are three established and respected online fact-checking organizations that stand the test of time.

FactCheck.org is a project of the…

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StoryWalk® Founder Presents Innovative Program that Combines Walking and Reading Outdoors

If you work with children or families, learn how to host this fun, yet educational, initiative that places a children’s storybook along a popular walking route in your community.  The creator, Anne Ferguson, will share how she selects a children’s book and prepares it in order to present it at regular intervals along popular paths so readers can follow the…

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