Ships Logs Collection

The original whaling ships logs are in the collection of the Falmouth Museums on the Green, the home of the Falmouth Historical Society. The logs were scanned and transcribed to make them available to researchers and others who are interested in Falmouth’s part in the whaling industry. Thank you to the volunteers who have put in many hours reading and transcribing the hand written logs, and learning a little bit about whaling along the way!  (additional transcriptions will be added as they are completed)

​ Launching of the Commodore Morris in 1841, from the Woods Hole Library Sarah Herrick, photo from Falmouth Museums on the Green


Select ship then click on logbook to turn pages:


Select ship then click on logbook to turn pages:

Addison (Ship) 1998.77a  & Massachusetts (Ship) 1998.177B
Addison (Ship) 1998.178 
Alto (Bark) 1998.172
American (Ship) 1998.173
Awashonks (Bark) 2006.044.001  Awashonks (Bark) 2006.044.001 – transcript
Awashonks (Ships) 1998.174
Awashonks (Ships) 1998.175 Awashonks (Ships) 1998.175 – transcript
Caroline 1998.183 A   &  Hannah and Sally 1998.183 B
Catalpa (Bark) 1998.179
Commodore Morris 1988.181A_B
Commodore Morris (Ship) 2006.044.002
Commodore Morris 1998.182.001
Commodore Morris 1998.182.002
Commodore Morris 2013.076.09
Edward Carey (Ship) 1988.185
Eugenia (Bark) 1988.186.001
Eugenia (Bark) 1988.186.002 Eugenia (Bark ) 1988.186.002 – transcript
Henry Gifford Journal (Memoir) 1998.190A

Leonidas Ship 1988.190B

Henry Gifford Journal (Memoir) 1998.190A – transcript
Henry Trowbridge (Brig) 1998.187
Hobomok (Ship) 1998.188
Impressions of Visit to Norfolk Island 2006.044.004 Impressions of Visit to Norfolk Island 2006.044.004  – transcript
Java (Bark) 2006.009.0002 Java (Bark) 2006.009.00002 – transcript
Lady of Amherst of London (Ship) 1998.189 Lady Amherst of London (ship) 1998.189 – transcript
Marengo (Ship) 1998.191 Marengo (Ship) 1998.191 – transcript
Milton (Ship) 2006.044.003 Milton (ship) 2006.044.003 – transcript
Nimrod (Ship) 1998.194 Nimrod (Ship) 1998.194 – transcript
Nimrod 1998.195 Nimrod 1998.195 – transcript
Phocion (Ship) 1998.196
Roscoe II (Bark) 1998.199 A   & Stephania 1998.199B Roscoe II (Bark)1998.199A – transcript
Samar 1998.184 Samar 1998.184 – transcript
Sarah Herrick (Brig) 1998.201 Sarah Herrick (Brig) 1998.201 – transcript
Urania (Bark) 1998.204
William Penn (Ship) 2013.076.01
William Penn (Ship) 2013.076.02
William Penn (Ship) 2013.076.04 William Penn (Ship) 2013.076.04 – transcript
William Penn (Ship) 2013.076.08
William Penn 2013.076.10
William Penn 2013.076.11 William Penn 2013.076.11 – transcript
William Penn 2013.076.12 William Penn 2013.076.12 – transcript
William Penn (Ship) log book, Lincoln, Master 1841-1845, Falmouth International Bank 2013.076.06

  The Whaler, Commodore Morris, 1841 courtesy of the Woods Hole Library

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