Book Bike

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Falmouth loves bikes!

With our local gem, The Shining Sea Bikeway, and Falmouth’s temperate climate and beautiful scenery, residents of all ages bike for travel, fun and fitness. Now, the Falmouth Public Library has joined Falmouth’s bicycle movement with our Book Bike.

Spring & Summer 2019 was our 1st year with the Falmouth Book Bike. We were out in the community weekly, meeting with over 1,000 residents and visitors of all ages. Particularly popular stops were the Falmouth Farmers Market and Surf Drive Beach Storytimes. This Fall we are continuing with visits to nearby apartments at Salt Sea and Choate Lane. We’ve enjoyed seeing you and spreading our love of the Library throughout town!
The Book Bike Schedule can be found on the Falmouth Public Library’s Events Calendar

Thank you!
The Falmouth Book Bike thanks the Friends of the Falmouth Public Library for their enthusiasm and support by sharing their donated books and movies.

We also thank the Falmouth Pedestrian and Bikeways Committee for their support and suggestions.