Spring Fever at the Early Childhood Resource Center @ FPL : The Importance of Play

Although this winter was mild, spring has sprung, and we are all eager to be outside gardening, walking, biking, and PLAYING!  In fact, the concept of play somehow kept cropping up in ECRC@FPL discussions all winter.  First, Maggie Hanelt of the Truro Public Library submitted an article for the spring newsletter on research she did on playgroups and literacy, and then Tina Toran of the Falmouth Coalition for Children submitted a piece on 10 reasons to join a playgroup.  Well, you can imagine how surprised we were when the Woods Hole Child Center asked us to join them in sponsoring a presentation by Dr. Lawrence Cohen, a psychologist specializing in children’s play and play therapy…serendipity!

So, read our spring issue on the importance of play here: http://tinyurl.com/cj78fef

And consider the following quote by Leo F. Buscaglia as you venture outside after a long winter with the kids…“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”

Congratulations Osterville Village Library!

Congratulations to Osterville Village Library on the festive ribbon cutting for your grand reopening.  Your beautifully updated facility reflects the strength of your community spirit and the hard work of a stellar staff.  Your ceremony echoes the joy of our own grand reopening on a similar “Cape Cod spring day” in March four years ago.

Best Wishes from the staff and trustees of the Falmouth Public Library.

The Dad’s Issue of the ecrc@FPL’s Newsletter is Here!

The winter edition of the ecrc@FPL’s newsletter is available right here

In this edition we focus on Dads.  So check out the books we have on fatherhood, or discover the favorite children’s books of local “guy” librarians from all over the Cape, including FPL’s Peter Cook.

Discover FPL’s list of free or discounted passes for such “day trip destinations” for dads and kids as the PAWTUCKET RED SOX (in season, of course!); the Museum of Science; the Boston Children’s Museum & the Cape Cod Children’s Museum; the New England Aquarium; and MANY more!

Learn about Paul Melville’s Dads’ Talk, or pick up some parenting tips from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care, who remind us that parents are their child’s first teacher…

…and the library is here to help! 

Our Very Own Jill Erickson on the NPR Air Waves!

It’s true!  Jill Erickson, Head of Reference and Adult Services at FPL, is becoming a radio celebrity on the National Public Radio air waves.  A regular on Mindy Todd’s The Point; Jill was interviewed on the subject of libraries and e-books yesterday, along with WCAI’s Sean Corcoran, on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee.  Listen to Sean and Jill discuss “The Battle Over E-books.”

The interview is based upon a series by Corcoran, a senior reporter for WCAI and its partner station, WGBH.  Studying Libraries is an “original 3-part series about local libraries – how they are expanding their offerings, particularly during this difficult economic time, as well as some of the challenges libraries face as they continue to meet patrons’ needs.”

In “Part One: Doing More with Less,” Jill discusses how people look to public libraries in tough economic times.  Not only are people “cutting things such as wireless internet access, newspaper subscriptions and music purchases from their household budgets,” but, as Jill claims, they are also using the library as their “own personal Netflix.” Ever the library advocate, Jill asks, “…if you can get it for free, why not go to the public library?”

In fact, it is in “Part Two: The Battle Over E-books,” that Jill’s advocacy of libraries is best revealed.  When asked about the precarious relationship between the publishing world and libraries due to e-books, Jill claims, “…we are all about sharing information. It’s really distressing that publishers who have always been friends of public libraries are now adversaries.”

Here’s to libraries, library advocates, and local radio celebrities like our very own Jill Erickson!

Stay tuned for Part Three of Corcoran’s Studying Libraries, which is to be continued…

Ah, the Holidays!

Food, travel, being with family and friends…and school vacation!

Whether you are traveling this holiday season or not, why not combine all of the above and have some family fun in the kitchen!

The Early Childhood Resource Center@Falmouth Public Library has several cookbooks geared towards family cooking.  However, “Emeril’s There’s a Chef in My World: Recipes That Take You Places” is quite unique.  Not only do the kids learn cooking safety and cooking basics, but the recipes “…span the globe and take you to some very exciting culinary places.”

There are recipes for all levels of cooks, from No-Bake Caribbean Rice to Kung Pao Chicken!  Why, there is even a recipe for Emeril’s Baby BAM!

Emeril says:

“Come on, dig in, read up, and get cooking!  Take your family on a trip to Italy, Spain, Sweden, Africa, South America, the Far East, or any number of places…just by cooking and enjoying good food at your dinner table.”

Bon Appetit! Mangia Bene! Buen Provecho!  Mag’s gut schmecken! Kale orexe! Dobar tek! Mani deuseyo!”

(Visit Mango Languages to learn more foreign phrases!)

Family StoryWalk on the Library Lawn this Saturday!

This Saturday, November 19th, the Early Childhood Resource Center@Falmouth Public Library will sponsor a Family StoryWalk on the Library Lawn.  Come take a walk and read Leaves by David Ezra Stein.  Leaves is about a very cute young bear that has never seen leaves fall off a tree.  Begin at the Main Street entrance of the Library.  The story moves in a counter clockwise path around the perimeter of the lawn, then continues around to the Katharine Lee Bates Road entrance.  Just follow the signs with the numbered orange leaves! Please be sure to join us in the Children’s Room for granola bars, fruit, and bottled water after your autumnal stroll, which may be enjoyed anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

“StoryWalk™ was developed by Anne Ferguson, a volunteer with the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition in Vermont.  Combining physical activity with literacy may seem like an odd mix, but it’s an innovative way to get people of all ages out walking while reading children’s picture books. “

The Early Childhood Resource Center@FPL Newsletter is now available!

Check out the fall edition of the ECRC@FPL Newsletter.  Aside from our regular features, this season we follow up on the First Tales Early Literacy Program and introduce the Mental Health Consultation Program for local childcare programs.  There is also a great article about a group of local women who are part of a reading one-on-one program at Falmouth Preschool and a lovely children’s book review by Woods Hole Librarian, Kellie Porter (you may remember her from the FPL Reference Desk!)

If you are a parent, grandparent, or work within the local childcare community, and you would like to receive the Newsletter through email–or, better yet, contribute to it– visit the ECRC webpage and let us know!  You may also pick up a hard copy in the Library.

CPR and First Aid Information for Parents

The Early Childhood Resource Center@Falmouth Public Library (ECRC@FPL)–serving parents, as well as providers and teachers– has been asked about where parents can take part in CPR classes for infants and children.  The Falmouth Fire Department offers CPR classes regularly that include methods for infants and children.  Check the Falmouth Fire Department’s

website for more information and the dates of upcoming classes.

The Library also has an assortment of first aid and emergency books: American Medical Association Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care and The First Aid Manual, by the American College of Emergency Physicians.  In fact, if you are a day care provider you may be interested in Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings.

Great News for the Falmouth Public Library!

The Falmouth Public Library has once again been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care to house and oversee the Early Childhood Resource Center for the Cape and Islands. 

The EEC claims that their “collaboration with public libraries creates broader access” for parents, families and those who work within the fields of childcare and education and, as Commissioner Killins states, “give[s] the next generation the strong foundation they need to thrive.” We are delighted to be recognized as an agency that gets the word out, and we are always pleased to work with others who share similar missions, especially literacy!

The ECRC@FPL not only has a growing print and non-print collection (come in to the Children’s Room or browse the collection online), but it also provides a variety of programs throughout the Cape & Islands.  In years past, we have provided Family Yoga, The Explicit Noise Family Percussion Concert, Technology 101 for Parents & Providers, Working With Grieving Children, Back to School Night for Providers (partnering with the CFCE) and the First Tales Literacy Program, which is a collaboration with the Friends of the Public Library and the Falmouth Hospital Birthing Center

We’ll keep you posted on new titles and upcoming programs and events, but until then, please feel free to contact us with your needs, ideas or to receive the ECRC Newsletter.  Call (508)457-2555 x5 or ! 

The Wayback Machine

Most societies agree that it is important to preserve artifacts of their culture and heritage. Without such artifacts, civilization has no memory and no mechanism to learn from its successes and failures. Our culture now produces more and more artifacts in digital form.

If you have not already read Falmouth Public Library employee Nick McCavitt’s article in the the FalmouthPatch on July 27th, “Travel Back in Time: The Falmouth Public Library,” it is worth reading and looking at the pictures of the Library as it looked many years ago. Indeed, words and pictures certainly help us “travel back in time.”

The article got us thinking about a website that travels back in time, too:  The Wayback Machine.* With the mission to preserve digital artifacts, the Wayback Machine is an historical archive of web pages managed by the Internet Archive.  Imagine!  Artifacts in digital form!  A far cry from fossils, tattered relics, and even sepia photographs! 

Take a look at the FPL’s first website.

Our first website was created in 2000 by Juniper Graphics of Woods Hole.  Like photographs of the Library, the images on the opening web page bring back many memories, and the site serves as a time capsule not only for us presently, but for future generations of patrons, as well.  Consider the image of the pre-restored dome, the quilted fire-breathing dragon, or one of our favorite images that has become a symbol of our Reference Department—the magic eight ball!

Feel free to reminisce if our old website brings back any memories for you!

In the meantime, will FPL continue to produce and preserve artifacts for the community and the world?

The magic eight ball says, “You may rely on it!”

* According to the Internet Archive, the name of the Wayback Machine is a direct reference to the 1950’s and 60’s cartoon, Peabody’s Improbable History, featuring Mr. Peabody and “his boy” Sherman.  Many of you may remember that in each episode Mr. Peabody and Sherman traveled back in time through the WABAC Machine.  In fact, Mr. Peabody even adds a translator circuit to the WABAC Machine in order to translate when they visit foreign lands.  Did you know that much like the Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine, the Library’s database Mango Languages can translate many languages?