Library Board of Trustees

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The Falmouth Public Library Board of Trustees is an elected seven member board of citizen volunteers. We serve as a vital link between the library and the community. We are library advocates and leaders in developing service willingly, responsibly, and creatively for all members of the public.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:45 pm in the Trustee’s Room    

Exceptions for Town Meeting and Elections will be posted. 

Meetings in July and August are traditionally held at the branch libraries at 6 pm.


Sylvia L. Szulkin, Chair                                                [2022]

Jenifer E. Alai                                                                 [2021]

Kathryn I Elder, Recording Secretary                        [2022]

Lindsay M. Hopewood, Corresponding Secretary   [2020]

Judith L. Fenwick, Vice Chair                                      [2020]

Margaret Finnell, Treasurer                                        [2021]

Kathleen Mount                                                             [2021]

We believe in a strong working relationship with the community, library staff, and fellow trustees.   Engage in the on-going planning process which assesses the needs of the library and the role of the library in the community.
We believe that the library is a place for public discourse.   Hire the library director.
We believe that our responsibilities as public officials go beyond the library building.   Create written policies to govern library operations and programs, in cooperation with the library director.
We believe in intelligent participation in the political process.
We believe that the library is not an island, but part of a larger municipal structure.
Advise the director in the preparation of the library budget, approve the final budget, participate in its presentation to Town Boards and officials, and actively support its adoption by Town Meeting.
We believe in building partnerships within our community.
Monitor and oversee the maintenance of the library building and grounds, and regularly review facility needs.
Speak and act as an advocate for the library.
Support legislation which will benefit the library and the larger library community of which we are a part.
Provide a forum for public participation in policies and planning for the library.

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Board of Library Trustees Bylaws

By Laws – Board of Library Trustees 2018


Linda E. Collins, Director
Jennifer Woodward, Assistant Director
Administrative Office Telephone: (508) 457-2555 ext. 2963

Board of Trustees – Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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